If Kris Jenner Is an Alcoholic, She's Hurting Her Family as Much as Herself

Kris JennerTo say that Kris Jenner has a full plate is an understatement. The woman single-handedly manages all of her celebrikids, which I could imagine gets pretty stressful. Now you and I, we may handle stress by going for a long run or sitting down with a good book. Kris? Not so much. Allegedly the momager has been turning to alcohol to unwind and de-stress. And not just a glass of wine or two, much, much more.

A source told InTouch that Kris drinks all the time, including mornings. "I've been at her house -- she'll open a bottle of wine in the middle of the day and pour half a bottle in a giant glass and slug from it."

Well that's just not okay. If Kris really does have a problem with alcohol, she needs to take a step back and evaluate. She's not just hurting herself, she's hurting her whole family.


The Kardashians are a family that likes to laugh. We've watched them on TV and seen how they interact, making fun of one another in playful ways. The issue though when something serious like alcohol abuse is involved is that everything can't always be a joke. Alcoholism is a major health problem. When someone has an addiction to alcohol, they crave it. That craving causes a person to lose control and they become physically dependent on it.

If Kris is really abusing alcohol, then she needs her daughters, son, and husband to step in. She needs to hear about how it's affecting them. If Kris is abusing alcohol, I'm sure she's neglecting her feelings, overlooking issues, and not giving important things, like maybe her family's best interest, the attention it deserves. If Kris is abusing alcohol and she doesn't get help soon, she's just going to continue hurting herself and the people she loves.

Here's hoping this is all just a rumor. With the Kardashians these days, you never can tell.

Do you believe Kris has a problem with alcohol? Have you ever dealt with alcoholism in your life?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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