Joan Rivers’ Obnoxious Fat-Shaming of Adele Isn’t the Least Bit Funny (VIDEO)

Joan RiversI don't like Joan Rivers. There, I said it. I think she is her biggest fan, her jokes are generally really mean instead of funny, and her face, well, I'll refrain from telling you how I really feel about it because I'm above stooping to her too-critical-for-her-own-good level. My distaste for Joan Rivers only grew after watching her belittle Adele on The Late Show the other night. There she was sitting with David Letterman talking about last week's Academy Awards when she decided that she just HAD to call out Adele. Not for her singing or her performance (which was amazeballs), but her weight.

First it was her saying, "What is her song, 'Rolling in the Deep'? She should add fried chicken." Eeeeesh. But the next joke, well, that's where she went too far.


Watch Joan's interview with David Letterman, here:

Yeah, that was Joan Rivers saying that Adele has no problem "swallowing" and gesturing about her larger size. To that, I say Joan -- JUST SHUT UP.

Fat-shaming. It happens all the time for both celebrities and us normal folk alike. OK, so there's no way that this isn't something that Adele's heard before. She knows she's not stick thin and she's spoken out before that she doesn't want to be and has other priorities.

When you're in Adele's shoes, you can do one of two things with the criticism. You can take it and use it as motivation to better yourself (which is what I did when I was in her place) or just allow it to hurt you. Believe me, these people that have horrible things to say, they obviously have their own insecurities. What's important is that you work on being the best version of yourself. When you are and you're comfortable, what other people have to say won't faze you at all.

Do you think Joan Rivers took things too far? Have you ever been a victim of fat-shaming?


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