Mercury in Retrograde Will Turn Your Life Upside Down

cracked iphoneHas life seemed especially screwed up lately? Have you missed trains, ordered the wrong shoes online, accidentally sent offensive emails? Well, there may be a good reason for that: Mercury is in retrograde.

I beg your Mercury what?!?

The planet Mercury -- it's in retrograde. Have you heard your friends mentioning this? I'm about to get super flaky on you here and start talking astrology. Why? Because it's fun -- and because the stars don't lie! Seriously, though, Mercury is in retrograde from February 24 through March 17, and it's supposed to wreak havoc in your life, especially in the communications department. Here's the scoop on this wild ride.


When we say "Mercury is in retrograde," what we mean is that the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky. Of course, it's not -- that's just an optical illusion. But to astrologers, this illusion works some perplexing magic in our lives.

Mercury is a planet that rules communication and transportation. It's "the messenger." It's a cool, logical planet. So when it's in retrograde, it loses some of its power. People misunderstand each other. Calls get dropped. Cars break down. You miss appointments. Your laptop crashes. You get the picture!

And don't even think about starting something new or signing a contract right now. Whatever you sign on to now is bound to change completely. I'm even waiting to get my desperately-needed haircut until after the 17th.

So for the next few weeks, we're screwed, right? Well -- let's put this into perspective. There's actually an upside to this. First, it's an opportunity to exercise some self-restraint and compassion. If someone's words make you angry, don't fly off the handle. Maybe you're misinterpreting what they said. Maybe for the next few weeks, you should give people the benefit of the doubt.

This is a good time to fix what's broken and to wrap up unfinished projects. When Mercury is in retrograde, anything with moving parts will reveal its weaknesses to you. That's actually useful information! This is also a good time to be still (while madness swirls around you) and reflect on your life. What's not working? What needs to be fixed? If you're paying close enough attention and you're open to the truth, it can reveal itself to you.

What do you think -- does Mercury have any pull in your life, or is it all just silly nonsense?


Image via Patrick Hoesly/Flickr

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