Rare Superbug Spreading Fast & Antibiotics May Not Save Us This Time

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antibioticsThis cold and flu season has been a doozy for many. Seems like just when you're sure you've kicked one bug, another is just around the bend. Now, the government is warning that there's a slight chance the next one could be potentially deadly. Government health officials have taken action today due to a sharp jump in the number of rare, possibly fatal types of a superbug that is resistant to nearly all "last-resort" antibiotics. They've issued warnings for hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care settings.

The dangerous bacteria is called CRE -- Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, named for its ability to elude super-strong carbapenem antibiotics. What's more, researchers recently discovered it can take more than a year before carriers of the bug test negative for it, making it more difficult to control and raising the risk of wider spread. And according to the CDC, reports of unusual forms of CRE have nearly doubled in the U.S. Talk about unnerving.

CRE infections' mortality can be up to 40 percent, which is much higher than other health care infections, such as those caused by MRSA or C. difficile.

Nonetheless, it bears noting that CREs tend to strike people who are already ill and require devices such as ventilators or catheters or who have been taking antibiotics for a long time. So, yes, they are rare ... But they can occur in any patient. That said, the whole mess really raises the issue of antibiotic overuse. Got a sniffle? Take a Z-Pak. Want some chicken? Never mind the antibiotics and hormones galore! Unfortunately, we don't think much of things like that at the time, but news of a resistant superbug spread should serve as a wake-up call.

For now, though, CDC officials say they hope simply increasing our awareness of the growing problem can prevent it from getting out of control. Let's hope so too.

How do you feel about these superbugs becoming more common? Do you blame antibiotic overuse?


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nonmember avatar marina


Venae Venae

We knew it was coming.  I have a friend who still stashes her leftovers, giving them to her kids whenever they start to sniffle.  I yell at her all the time for it, telling her she's going to kill us all - and here we go.  So thanks, friend, and all the rest of you idiots who do the same thing.


Shandi80 Shandi80

1. Eat raw garlic every day. It boosts your immune system.

2. Drink distilled water only. 

3. Eat hormone and antibiotic free meats.

4. Practice deep breathing techniques and exercises such as yoga and meditation.

5. Make sure you get enough Vitamin D (from the sun, calcium supplements will not absorb if you don't get enough vitamin D).

These things will help your immune system and lessen your dependency on antibiotics and doctors. Look to nature for remedies.


lalab... lalaboosh

I'm angry. Livid. I know people like Vanae's friend. I have been treated by doctors who don't even run tests before giving an antibiotic. I contracted MRSA at the ER while being treated at the ER and the antibiotics almost kicked it, so I went back for more. The doctor I saw was almost off, so hep just convinced me' the swelling and pain was just damage from the infection. Hep wouldn't run tests at all. So I went home and got sicker. I was afraid to die, so I cut my sugar and dairy intake and embarked on and intense regimen of raw apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and clove oil. All better. Everyone needs to make friends with natural remedies and try them before things get bad enough to need a doctor.

mrswi... mrswillie

I rarely go to the doctor. I think the most antibiotics I take are when I have dental work because I have MVP

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