Sofia Vergara's Illness on Oscar Night Was More Serious Than Hitting the Red Carpet

sofia vergaraSofia Vergara's usually the eye-poppingly gorgeous belle of any ball she shows up to, so she was most definitely missed when she skipped the Oscars on Sunday night. Initially, rumors swirled that the Modern Family star couldn't make it to the biggest awards gala of the year because she had been hospitalized for an unidentified operation. But that story was scrapped yesterday, when the New York Post confirmed the real deal. A source explained, "She came down with a nasty case of flu and had to cancel all plans for Oscar weekend." Sofia herself then confirmed the news, tweeting, "Watching the Oscars at home so I dont give everyone the flu haha!" She even posted this "sick" selfie. Aww, poor Sofia!

Wow, calling out sick for Oscar night couldn't have been an easy call to make. And for that, I've gotta give her a round of applause for doing what many of us struggle or refuse to do when sick ... take care of ourselves!


Whether we feel obligated to fulfill plans that are for work or pleasure or both (which the Oscars get filed under), it seems like our culture's go-go-go work ethic often has us feeling like we have to be basically on death's doorstep to do what our body is asking us to -- stay in bed! It's insane, because it's not like we're going to be as productive or effective in any way if we push ourselves to work or play with the freakin' flu!

And yet, sadly, I feel like some fans probably feel more cheated hearing that it was just the flu keeping Sofia at home. They may have actually been more understanding if she had been contending with a more dramatic issue, like an operation. Ugh.

Ultimately, it shouldn't and doesn't matter what's ailing you. If you're not well, you've gotta own it and "work" on getting better! Because I'm pretty sure there are no awards given out for grinning and bearing an uncomfortable illness or infecting others. But everyone should be rewarded for admitting they're human and taking the time and rest they need to get better ASAP.

Do you think Sofia was wise to stay home on Oscar night? Do take care of yourself when you're sick or try to power through it?


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