Jane Fonda's Awesome Workout Body Puts Women Half Her Age to Shame (PHOTO)

Jane FondaIf there was ever any doubt in your mind that a lifelong dedication to working out produces results, then Jane Fonda's stunning appearance at last night's Oscars telecast should whip your doubts into shape. Fonda, a former dedicated aerobicist and current yoga enthusiast, put the bodies of women half her age to shame in a canary yellow Versace dress that showcased her girlishly slim waist and gravity-defying backside. Let's not forget, Jane Fonda is 75 years old!


Jane was famous in the '80s for her aerobics videos -- she produced over 20 of them. In her 70s, she's given up strenuous exercise because of some physical ailments and concentrates on yoga. But that certainly hasn't affected her figure at all. As soon as she appeared on the red carpet, Twitter began gushing:

Marie Claire: Woah, Ang Lee won, but what we're focusing on is JANE FONDA. Can we look like her when we grow up?

Celebrity writer Paula Froelich: seeing Jane Fonda tonight - somewhere Ted Turner is quietly weeping in a fetal position.

Zooey Deschanel: Jane Fonda looks amazing!!!!

In fact, when I saw Jane and Michael Douglas present together, I thought they made an awesome-looking pair. (Just in case Michael and Catherine Zeta-Jones ever split. And Michael ever decides to date older women -- which is about as unlikely a scenario as one could ever imagine in Hollywood.)

Of course, aerobics and yoga won't give you this body. You had to have had it in the first place, which Jane did. But it can certainly help you keep this body, if you were lucky enough to be born with it. Yep, even in your 70s! Rock on, Jane.

How do you think Jane looked?


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