Rob Kardashian May Have a Good Excuse for His 40-Pound Weight Gain & Bad Mood

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rob kardashianRob Kardashian probably wishes he was in the news for reasons other than his breakup with pop star Rita Ora and nasty behavior toward sister Kim ... But thanks to the magic known as another episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, we got another inside look at the Kardashian bro's life, and it's all sorts of gloomy!

Khloe revealed on the show that Rob had been stressed throught his relationship with Rita, which really did a number on his self-esteem. And Rob confessed that during the year he was with his ex, "All I did was waste a lot of money and gain 40 pounds.” Eep! Then, to make matters even worse, he began coping with the aftermath of his breakup by having random sexual encounters in Miami. What a mess. Not that my heart exactly goes out to him, but the guy has clearly been suffering from depression ...

Low self-esteem and depression -- whether circumstantial or chemical -- is no joke, and its ability to pack on the pounds is something we don't seem to talk about frequently enough. Instead, we point to overeating, "stress" eating, laziness, the weather. In other words, whatever is on the surface instead of dealing with the tougher, deeper-seated issues.

It actually drives me mad that national weight loss programs or shows like The Biggest Loser rarely address our mental and emotional health as major factors that contribute to weight gain. By ignoring it and focusing exclusively on calories in and calories out -- not body image, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, etc. -- we're just asking for trouble to come back and haunt us down the road.

Case in point: Now that Rob has supposedly taken the bull by the horns and started eating better and working out, he's still very obviously suffering from a toxic self-image. Earlier this week, he tweeted, "This is what fat boy now has to eat for breakfast today. So much fun! Lol. Cardio time! "

Healthy breakfast, check. Intense workout, check. Addressing the big picture behind the weight gain? Still very much on the to-do list ...

How has your mental and emotional health affected your weight?



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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Rob has already admitted to OCD and anxiety issues. He probably is depressed-poor guy!

2 years of untreated depression/anxiety (because I'm an emotional eater) caused me to gain 80 lbs. and then antidepressants caused me to gain another 30 lbs. 

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I youngest feel really bad for the guy. He's the only boy in the family. And it seems pretty obvious that his Mom doesn't care about him like she should, because he isn't making her a ton of money. He isn't marketed to death, with his face plastered on every thing under the sun. I'd have depression issues if I was the black sheep in that family too

Julie... Julienikki06

my husband died a year ago and immediately I lost 30 lbs and now I've gained that back plus a little more:( 

BrookieG BrookieG

What does "throught" mean?

CPN322 CPN322

I completely agree with you, Maressa. We need to focus more on whats going on with people emotionally and mentally. I'm personally an emotional non-eater(it goes both ways) and lost 20 pounds in a matter of months a couple years ago when numerous friends died in a short period of time, my dog died, I miscarried and all on top of already being chemically depressed, ocd, anxious and paranoid.

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