32-Year-Old Homeless Man Sues Parents for Not Helping Him Out Financially

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Let's face it, not everyone can say their parents were Parents of the Decade. Even those who seemingly have supportive, loving parents have their share of gripes about them. Sometimes I think our ideas of what parents should be -- gleaned from old episodes of The Cosby Show and faint memories of The Brady Bunch -- are just ridic. But that certainly won't stop people without perfect parents from complaining -- or even suing. Enter 32-year-old jobless and homeless Brooklyn man Bernard Bey, who is suing his parents for being "indifferent" to his problems -- as well as causing all of them.

Bey, who currently lives in a homeless shelter, wants a judge to force his parents to sell the small percentage they own in a run-down brownstone to buy him a Domino's franchise. He thinks this will "break the bonds of poverty" and allow him to make a living.

Orrrrr ... it could put him into deep debt. Since, ya know, Bey hasn't exactly proven himself to be the hardworking kind. He's already spent five years in prison on drug charges and his mom says he's "never had a job in his life."

The lawsuit blames all of his problems on his parents, saying they were emotionally and physically abusive. If that's true, that can trigger a lot of emotional issues that make it difficult for some people to live a normal life. I do know people who were severely abused as children -- and they do have a lot of issues. Often, it's the state that has to step in to help and it's society that pays the price for their parents' failures. Perhaps some parents should be sued if they were particularly abusive and terrible.

But it's not easy to prove past abuse. And in a previous case where two adult children sued their mom for not being a "good mom," they lost because they couldn't prove their mother's behavior rose to the level of being truly abusive. Should parents who are just "meh" be sued too?

Additionally, Bey admits that his parents HAVE given him financial assistance in the past. But apparently they didn't do it with a smile on their faces, because the suit says they gave him money but did it "painstakingly." Uhh, maybe they just didn't have it? Or were sick of giving it to someone who would then just waste it?

There comes a time in this life where you need to stop clinging to the wrongs of your childhood -- no matter how difficult that may be. But something tells me Bey isn't going to take that advice. He probably won't listen to his mom either, who adds: "I say go get a job. I've had a lifetime of him and I'm done." Ahh, this is why pets are so nice.

Do you think parents should be sued for bad parenting? Do you think people need to let go of their complaints about their parents?

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2cent... 2centsCDN

This guy is living in a homeless shelter yet he can afford a lawyer? WTF?

What a lowlife.

Ashle... AshleyB1984

Poor excuse for a person. No wonder he's in the state that he's in. Grow up.

nonmember avatar Kelly

There are no jobs out here. I have been laid off 3 times in the last 9 years. My college aged son has been trying to get a job doing anything for the last year and a half. Actually, the guy doesn't have a bad idea. The way he went about it wasn't right but it sounds like they all, including the parents, could use a leg up in life. The article says they live in a run down house in Bed-Stuy which is not a great neigh orhood.

nonmember avatar charlesdewalt

More of that sense of entitlement! Get real.

Helena A. Woolley-Killins

32 years old! Get a LIFE, Man! If your parents were so terrible, why do you even still speak to them.. 

Evelyn Braman

lol i am reminded of that saying, " this is why animals eat their young"...!

Lita O'Cuillain

I...got some words forming in my head, but I'll keep them for myself, because they aren't nice ones describing this *&@!#^%!# being calling himself 'their offspring'.

First, he is a druggie



the list goes on..and on..and on...

Beverly Agnew

someone needs to take off his training pants and put on his big boy underwear,alot of people were abused as children,i was but wont get in to it,i had a loving caring wonderful the other parent not so much,however as adults we make our own choices and pave our own way,obviously you choice the drugs and ended up in prison just as you are choosing to live in a homeless shelter,instead of getting up off your lazy back side and making a living for yourself,once you have left the home of your parents they are no longer responsiable for you and at 32 if i was your parent and you took the path you took id be damned if i helped you out,and if the judge allows this suit because of your poor choices he should be removed from the bench and the lawyer he needs to be disbarred



Wesley Martin

Only if you can sue kids for being bad kids.

yours... yourspecialkid

So basically we never have to accept the responsiblity for our own failures?  We can always blame it on a crappy childhood?  What crock!  I had a crappy childhood...a crappy CHILDHOOD...adulthood belongs to me...and I have made quite a success of it if I do say so myself.

This guy needs to stop being a crybaby and get a job like the rest of us.


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