Kate Upton's 'Model' Workout Routine Sounds Painful & Her Diet Sounds Worse (VIDEO)

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Kate Upton CoverNo debate, Kate Upton is a sex symbol. Yeah, we may question why exactly she landed the coveted cover spot of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the second year in a row, but the girl's got a rockin' bod. The model's personal trainer, David Kirsch, recently opened up to People to reveal how Kate gets in shape, and let me tell you -- it is absolutely nuts. Beyond nuts. I'm dizzy just thinking about it ... nuts.

Leading up to her Sports Illustrated shoot, the girl did a seven-day cleanse, multiple times in a row.

That's only the beginning.

OK, first we'll tackle her diet. She stayed away from alcohol, bread, processed carbs, and no sugar every day of the week. She also did Kirsch's seven-day cleanse for two weeks every month since last August. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry just thinking about that. Bread, I want bread. 

As for in the gym, Kate's trainer told People that her regular day-to-day workout routine is running, rowing, and the elliptical. She also does boot camp circuit training mixed in with cardio, and pretty much focuses on the six areas that every model shows off in the Swimsuit Issue: abs, arms, butt, hips, inner thighs, and legs. So essentially what I'm getting is that Kate lived in the gym and ate mostly nothing from August 'til December. Sounds ... exhilarating.

I guess it's what she signed up for. Oh the price of being ogled at by men everywhere. I for one would never be happy living a life like that. I like bread too much. And cheese. And chocolate. Hey -- to each her own.

Would you EVER try these tactics to get thin?


Image via Sports Illustrated

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LolaJ... LolaJane4

While I don't really know anything about this cleanse program, the foods she has chosen to eliminate are foods that people shouldn't be eating.  I don't understand why you're calling her out for the excessive exercise or the cleanse- her job is to look good in a bikini and she was vying for the Sports Illustrated cover!

nonmember avatar Gina

I'm just floored that people don't think she's thin. Fuck. Kate Beckinsale is skinny, needs to eat a damn sandwich. Kate Upton is thin but in a nice, not fragile looking way. I think she's gorgeou. She has surprisingly large knockers.

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