Advice for Life and Everything Else at PeopleJam

A new self-help website, PeopleJam, puts all the advice you could think of--diet, fitness, relationships and spirituality--in one place. They even have 3-minute web shows called The Jam giving tips from top experts on everything from beating credit card blues to secrets about men.

We spoke with The Jam's host, comedian Bridget McManus, for the inside scoop on getting started with this awesome web resource.


Cafe Kristen: What's the best advice you've heard at your job with PeopleJam?
Bridget McManus: The site has endless information, so you can't help but look at things in a more positive light. Oh, I also learned that wearing green on camera doesn't go well with my skin tone. 
CK: What do you like best about hosting web shows on PeopleJam?
BM: The show is a great combination of playfulness and education. Obviously, the education element comes from the experts, videos, blogs and articles while I get to act like a fool for 3 minutes a day.

CK: How can the web shows help viewers?
BM: There is no other site out there like Peoplejam. It's a one-stop shop for health, financial advice, fitness, relationship inquiries, comedy videos, book reviews, wine recommendations and the list goes on.

CK: If I only have 10 minutes to get started, which video should I watch?          BM: Most videos are 3 minutes or less, so in 10 minutes you'll be able to watch 3 videos. I recommend the Wine Basics: How to Buy a Good Wine with wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library TV. Another favorite is The first step to staying fit with motivational speaker Bob Kriegel. Bob reveals one of his secrets to staying fit for over 25 years which is pretty impressive.
CK: What are some exciting segments to look forward to? 
: I interviewed a fung shui master who can tell by the layout of your home if and when you'll be robbed, and I got a wardrobe recycling lesson from a fashion expert at British Vogue online. Right now I'm pressuring my producer to get me belly dancing lessons for a future segment so we'll see what happens.

What's the one piece of self-help advice you've been wanting to know? How to do more in a day? Or, like me, how to get a better night's sleep?

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