Faith Hill's Braces Are No Excuse for Dramatic Weight Loss

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Faith Hill with Braces

There's no doubting that Faith Hill is drop dead gorgeous. Heck, I've never known a woman to look that good in braces, well, ever. But it seems that those braces may be causing the country singer a BIG problem: dramatic weight loss. At last week's Grammy Awards, Hill showed up looking frail alongside husband Tim McGraw. Nutritionist Dr. Mahid Ali spoke with Radar Online saying that he estimates Hill weighs 115 pounds. WHOA.

Listen, I get it, braces aren't fun at any age. It's very common for adults wearing the mouth gear to drop weight because of how difficult it is to eat with them. Plain and simple, though, Hill is a role model and mother two three awesome kids and having braces is no excuse for becoming this frail. She needs to take better care of herself, STAT.

The thing that frightens me is how little Faith weighs for her 5'9'' height. At 115 pounds, the singer is drastically underweight and it's something she really needs to work on. I had a friend who had braces as an adult, and they drank many a protein shake to supplement the calories they were missing from solid foods. It's all about adapting to the change.

I just hope that she doesn't see the weight loss as a benefit to the braces. Faith has always been beautiful, and in my opinion a skinnier frame does NOT make her look better. Add on 15 pounds, and everything will be better. Not only will she look better -- but she'll have added energy to keep up with her kids.

Do you think Faith is looking too small? Have you ever had braces as an adult?


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adrin... adriness666

You are so obsessed with weight aren't you. Focus on your own weight.

Melan... MelanieJK

There's a difference between normal weights and healthy weights.    Normal weights are too high in this country.   Healthy weights are expressed as a range not one number.  

She's naturally thin so just a few pounds could make her look skinny.     A few pounds attributed to a specific issue is hardly cause for alarm.    One serious bout of the flu can make you too skinny! 

Jeannette Gessert Heder-Wield

Her teeth were already pretty straight due to her prior braces, so to reset the teeth to where they were - because she did not wear her retainer - would not be enough pain to cause one not to eat. PLUS like others have said, drink some protein drinks then.

Krista O'Grady

Faith Hill would look as skinny as Angelina Jolie or that chick from E! if she was anywhere near 115lbs. Mila Kunis who's 5'2" or 5'3" said her normal weight was always 1201bs.,and she's tiny! Faith has to be atleast 135lbs. at 5'9"(I always read that she was 5'10")and that weight would be skinny on her.

rhps2000 rhps2000

She would have looked less gaunt if she wore her hair down and a lighter colored, less tight dress. A flowing gown and cascading wavy hair like she used to wear might have hidden most of her too skinny frame.

nonmember avatar Leah

You are wrong SharlaK - "normal" is a broad term. I am a size 4 at 5'8" and I weigh 145... I am not very muscular either, just slender with tone... I also know people my height and that are a little "chubby" yet weigh less than me... every body is different. NOW QUIT LOOKING AT THE SCALE AND JUST BE HAPPY WITH HOW YOU FEEL!

nonmember avatar Lisa

I've worn braces twice as an adult, the first time with spacers. They hurt. But not for that long. This does not account for so much weight loss. I get it, no one wants to think that someone they like would do drugs. She may very well have other issues. The fact is, her eyes are clearly, not clear. Sun, glare, flash, none of these account for glazed eyes or pinpoint pupils. Think about it. I like her too, always have. I pray she finds peace and remembers what a beautiful and accomplished woman she is.

nonmember avatar JillCrandall

I have been a dental assistant for over 30 years , with orthodontics included in our practice......WHY would Ms. Hill have conventional braces rather than invisilign?? We have been doing this "invisible", clear aligners on adult patients for years. They can be used for even major movement of teeth, and are far more comfortable, as you remove them prior to eating.....and are just as fast in achieving a great result. Maybe she should check out another dentist....ask Tom Cruise!

nonmember avatar Celesta

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