Just One Drink a Day Can Raise Your Cancer Risk Says Bummer New Study

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Oh, those damn health studies. They are so confusing! One day, something is good for you, and then, wait a sec, it will kill you. Weren't we all under the impression that a drink a day was good for you? It had some heart benefits or sumpthin' like that? (Not that I'm drinking right now or anything.) Well, according to the latest killjoy study, that little benefit isn't enough to outweight the HUGE disbenefit of drinking alcohol -- and that just one drink a day can increase your chances of getting cancer. (Putting down that drink I don't have right now.)

According to HealthDayNews, alcohol not only causes 10 times more deaths than it prevents, just one drink a day was associated with 35 percent of deaths from seven different types of cancer. Is this really as bad as it sounds? Isn't wine supposed to, I dunno, help your heart or something?

Researchers found that of the 577,000 people who die each year from cancer -- 20,000 of those are attributed to alcohol. Bzzzz. What a downer. And supposedly it is breast cancer that is the biggest killer when it comes to imbibing -- with drinking related to 15 percent of breast cancer deaths.

Apparently alcohol is also a contributing factor in cancers of the mouth, throat, liver, colon and rectum. (Throwing out that bottle of wine I don't have.)

Hey, you know what? My grandmother had one beer a day for most of her adult life. And she was an incredibly healthy woman! Up until she got ... errr ... breast cancer.

While alcohol has been shown in the past to help prevent heart disease, this latest study shows that the downsides far outweigh the good sides, and experts advise that if you don't drink at all, to stay that way. And if you do drink, limit your consumption.

This is so depressing I need a drink. You know what? I say a life without the occasional glass of wine with dinner or celebratory champagne or Jell-O shot licked off a hot man's chest isn't worth living ... so there! Bottoms up!

Will this make you stop drinking all alcohol?


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whate... whatever82

I LOVE wine.  But, too much of anything is bad, right?  It's all about moderation.  

amazz... amazzonia

depends on what you drink. If you drink a glass of red wine every day during a meal you actually lower your chance of heart disease

nonmember avatar Marcella

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