8 Great Reasons to Start Seeing a Shrink Now (& None of Them Are 'You're Crazy'!)

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shrinkTalk therapy gets a bad rap sometimes. For many, it is something only weak people do, a thing they would never need and something to be deeply ashamed of doing. To them "analysis" is a self indulgent, obnoxious thing to talk about and something only crazy people utilize.

This is not the background I come from. It might be because my mother WAS a shrink, but in my family and among many of my friends, having a therapist was par for the course.

It's actually a great thing to do. Even if you don't have a "reason" to go to therapy (like a trauma or some deep secret), the reality is that therapy can be beneficial for everyone. It's a chance to talk and talk to someone who has nothing to gain or lose from you. A neutral party whose sole purpose is to help you What could be wrong with that? Here are 8 great reasons to consider therapy now:

  1. You are not sure what to do with your life: A therapist can help you determine a good path that utilizes your best qualities and helps you downplay your worst.
  2. You keep having the same fight with friends: If you are like many people, you keep making the same friendship mistakes again. And again. And again. A therapist can help you figure out why.
  3. You want to make your marriage stronger: You know what helps a marriage? Time apart. Time to reflect. Better ways of communication. These are all things a good shrink can help you with.
  4. You have a boss you hate: Don't vent to your boss. Don't storm out in a huff. Talk to your therapist. He or she can help you find ways of making work more tolerable.
  5. Motherhood is overwhelming you: You know those moments you just want to SCREAM? Talk to someone about it. Spend an hour working on coping mechanisms. It's better than Yoga.
  6. Your schedule is overwhelming: It may seem counter-intuitive to add YET another appointment to your insane week, but therapists can actually help you figure out what you can let go of, what you can outsource, and what you need to keep come hell or high water.
  7. You stress eat: If you are using other unhealthy means of coping -- eating, smoking, drinking -- therapy can give your head the space to figure out why. And help you to stop it.
  8. You are having nightmares: No matter what the reason, a good therapist can help you sort out what is happening in your waking life that is making it all worse.

Do all these things sound normal? It's because they are. People can go to therapy to help make their every day lives a little easier. The end. No shame in that, right?

Would you ever see a shrink?


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the4m... the4mutts

I am a supporter of therapy and psychology. I think its an under-utilized tool. With that being said, why would you need a therapist for half this crap? What ever happened to talking to friends & family and acting like an adult? Maybe, idk, TALK to your asshole boss and let them know the moral could use some work, and volunteer yourself to help? Talk to your spouse frequently also. Unless theres abuse, or cheating, or some major event, people in a marriage need to figure eachother out ALONE, without some outside influence coloring their opinion of their partner.

I get that not everyone has a support system to reach out to, and therapy would be good for those people, but most of us dont need to "see a professional" to help our every day lives.

tuffy... tuffymama

These are things I talk to my friends and pray to God about. I saw a therapist for my eating disorder and PTSD, but I couldn't have healed without prayer and friendship.

nonmember avatar Michele

I agree therapy is an amazing thing for anyone. To be able to talk to Simone about anything and them to not judge you is very helpful. I just started with a therapist recently due to big changes in my life and its been a God send. I felt so much better in general.

@ 4 mutts- there's a time when people you are friends with or family get tired of hearing it. Or they don't have the proper tools to help you.

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