Adele & Kelly Clarkson Ripped for 'Making Excuses' About Their Weight (VIDEO)

fox news keren gilbert kelly clarkson adeleNo matter how many Grammys they take home, famous women just can't win. There's always going to be some talking head in the media blabbering about what's WRONG with their bodies and how they're an example of this or that eating disorder or societal issue. Worst of all is when their weight is somehow equated with their worth. That's exactly what went down on FOX News (cuz, where else?) in post-Grammys coverage focused exclusively on objectifying and weight shaming Kelly Clarkson and Adele.

That's right, ladies! A super-successful woman who recently lost 30 pounds and another incredibly talented woman who recently had a baby were ripped for being "unhealthy" by a nutritionist named Keren Gilbert, who of course has never met or knows any personal health details about either Grammy-winning performer.


And yet, Keren said that while she's impressed at the "discipline" both Kelly and Adele show with respect to their careers, she insinuates that the same level of discipline isn't given to their figures. And then she tries to use them as illustrated examples of how we're "a nation filled with excuses." WOW. Just. Wow.

See for yourself:

Ugh! First of all, not everyone who is overweight has "food issues." She clearly doesn't understand that there are many factors at play that can contribute to weight gain and resistance. She is filing thyroid problems under "excuses" (grrrr ... that REALLY sets me off!). And where does she get off being oh-so-sure that Kelly Clarkson and Adele (or women who look like them) aren't leading healthy lifestyles? Does she know their BMI? (Is BMI or our weight on a scale really everything it's cracked up to be? That's up for debate ...) Of course not.

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This whole thing is a perfect example of how there's way too much assumption, judgment, and blatant discrimination related to women's weight -- whether they're in the spotlight or not. And somehow, to not fit a mold, to not be "the right weight" (whatever that is ...) equals lesser than or unworthy. And we wonder why we have so many people suffering from eating disorders and body image complexes. The sooner people like this nutritionist stop assuming they know what's right for someone just by looking at them, the better off we will ALL be -- inside and out.

Want even more details on this story? Watch here:

How do you feel about this nutritionist's comments about Adele and Kelly Clarkson? Are you outraged or do you agree with her?


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