Snooki's Post-Baby Slimdown Continues & She Now Looks Tinier Than Ever (PHOTO)

snookiMTV's Jersey Shore may be history, but its breakout star Snooki may be just getting started. She Instagrammed a pic on her way to Ring 8 for dinner for Team Snooki Boxing, and she looked 100 percent posh. She posted the photo the caption, "Glam on a Sunday at 12? #WERK." Seriously, in this get-up, the redheaded reality star mama looks more dressed for the red carpet than her old shore haunts Jimbo's or Karma. Also, can't help but notice that she looks slimmer and glowier than ever.

Clearly, the former party girl is doing something right! So ... what is it?!


Well, because we can tons of real-time info from Snooki about her life these days via Instagram, it doesn't take too much sleuthing to get to the bottom of her healthy diet and exercise regimen. She recently posted another pic illustrating exactly what she's doing right: eating balanced meals, like a chicken veggie stir fry in what appears to be a sesame sauce. Along with the pic, she endorsed Express Home Fitness, a NJ-based personal training and food delivery company, and noted, “Mmm LOVE my diet meals! Get on my level!!!”

So, there you have it, folks. It's not rocket science or diet pills or postpartum plastic surgery. She seems to just be eating right and working out (probably with a trainer).

Though, not to bring up a sore subject, let's not forget ... Snooki does have a history of battling an eating disorder and has said and done some brainless things to shed pounds (like eating "just a banana or an apple" for lunch ... really?!). So, "skinny" shouldn't be the goal here. Especially now that he's a mom, she should be striving to be strong, fit, and sexy, of course, too! Fingers crossed, she really has gotten so svelte by keeping up with her diet and exercise plan a balanced, levelheaded -- as opposed to extreme -- way.

How do you think Snooki is looking these days? Would you try a plan like hers?


Image via Instagram

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