Rihanna Is Thinner Than Ever but Gets Slammed for Having ‘Baby Bump’

RihannaI could not stop staring at Rihanna on Sunday night. Her Grammy Awards sheer red dress was absolutely stunning, her performance of her new song "Stay" literally brought me to tears, and her lower boob in that split white and metallic number during the Bob Marley tribute was staring me in the face. But the REAL reason I couldn't stop gawking? Her size. The woman is teeny. No, teeny is an understatement. Rihanna is smaller than she's ever been. Her arms are the size of toothpicks, and I wouldn't be surprised that, if pushed the wrong way, she'd fracture a rib.

Which is exactly why all of these rumors that the star is pregnant make me want to cringe and scream. I'm sorry, are you REALLY criticizing the Barbadian beauty for ONE photo where her stomach looks existent?! REALLY!?! 

This is 100 percent everything that is wrong with the world.


First things first, if you look at photos of her from earlier in her career, she definitely used to have some more junk in the trunk. These days, though, it's just crazy to see her small stature.

I will give her some acknowledgement: The singer has said in the past that she doesn't like being this small. She has said in the past that she eats McDonald's at 3 a.m. and wants her booty back. Heck, I love a woman who can acknowledge that the best version of herself is the one that's heavier. That's what I call being realistic.

I know Rihanna doesn't concern herself with what other people think. If she did, she most definitely wouldn't be back with Chris Brown. So I'm hoping that these pregnancy rumors aren't going to hit her the wrong way so that she thinks she needs to lose weight. She most definitely doesn't. If anything, I kind of hope that she finds a way to put on some weight. With her hectic lifestyle, it's almost critical.

Do you think these pregnancy rumors are bogus? Do you think Rihanna is looking too thin these days?


Image via Splash News

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