Jennifer Lawrence's Red Carpet Fitness Secrets Are Ridiculously Easy

jennifer lawrenceWhen Jennifer Lawrence isn't making award-winning or action-packed flicks, she's, well, preparing for them. Or preparing to win awards for them. Although her Hunger Games workout was a whole different ballgame unto itself, Jennifer has a "whole body" plan to keep her looking and feeling Hollywood glam during awards season. Aaaand her personal trainer Dalton Wong recently dished about it to Grazia!

What I find especially cool about her pre-red carpet plan is that it doesn't call for the usual grueling, two-hours-at-the-gym and eating kale soup schtick we tend to hear about from stars. The steps she takes to looking and feeling so amazing are actually not only doable, but they sound like they'd work for anyone! Check it out ...


To keep bloating at bay, particularly before a big event (like the BAFTA Awards Jennifer attended over the weekend), Wong explained that Jennifer takes Epsom salt baths, "which really helps to get rid of any bloating in the body before slipping into a red carpet dress." He says, "It’s a great trick that anyone can use if they’re working up to wearing a particularly clingy dress." See -- simple, but smart, right?

And of course eating the right foods is also a huge part of minimizing the risks of bloating and keeping energy levels up for a big event. For breakfast, Jennifer might have eggs or "a healthy, protein shake and an energizing carrot and ginger juice," as Wong describes. A typical lunch might be tomato soup, lean turkey, and asparagus. Plus, she'll drink "lots and lots of water," chamomile tea (which "helps to calm the body and get rid of stress that can lead to bloating") and dandelion tea, which Wong calls "a brilliant diuretic so helps to prevent water retention and flush out toxins."

As for workouts, especially when she's on the road, Wong focuses on making Jennifer "feel more invigorated rather than working on anything too physical." He elaborates:

We stretched out her hips and her back with yoga/Pilates moves to make her feel longer and leaner and to kick start her body.  This also works on improving her posture which can go a long way on the red carpet.

Gotta love multi-tasking moves! Not only do they have Jennifer's lookin' rockin' on the awards circuit, but it sounds like Wong's got her energy and overall wellness covered, too. While we don't all walk down red carpets on our way to scoring Golden Globes and Oscars like J-Law, these still sound like brilliant tips to try when prepping for our own big events or hey, even just everyday life.

Would you try any of Jennifer Lawrence's red carpet secrets?

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