'Real Housewife' Brandi Glanville Has to Be Lying About How She Stays So Thin

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brandi glanvilleIf you've ever watched an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you've caught yourself staring at Brandi Glanville's impossibly long, lean legs and wondered aloud to your cat: why don't we look like that? The reality star and mom of two recently revealed what helps to keep her body in tip-top shape and, spoiler alert! credits Pilates for her strong and long figure.

But sorry, as much as I really want to, I'm just not buying it. Brandi explains:

After I drop my kids off at school, I head right to my Pilates trainer. I’ve had the same one for nine years! I go on bike rides with my kids, walk the dogs, or go for a hike near my home. It’s the simple things that make [a difference].

She goes on to say that this Power Pilates class she takes is only three times a week. And her diet? Well. She says that her diet "isn't really the healthiest", which, of course, leaves room for interpretation.

Is it unhealthy because she eats junk food and soda, or is it unhealthy because she eats one jar of baby food a day and binges only on SmartWater and Airborne? Know what I'm saying?

If Brandi really does only work out three times a week and eats whatever she wants, then she needs to acknowledge that she's lucky as shit. I mean, most of us couldn't get away with three hours of sweat a week and stay fit on a diet that's "not the healthiest."

Or, on the other hand, if she's not telling us the full story and she's actually working out three hours a day and subsisting on raw kale juice, I'd like to know that, as well.

Basically, I need to know everything.

Do you think Brandi's telling us the whole truth?


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lobus lobus

Some people are just naturally skinny. My sister is nearing her 40's and still has a skinny body and never gains a pound. From what I can tell she eats very small portions and hardly works out but she eats whatever and drinks beer too. I on the other hand got the worse genes cause im pretty big boned and gain weight very easily.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Why are fat people so loath to believe that some people are naturally skinny or work at it, or both. There isn't some conspiracy and no, we don't have eating disorders. Does it really piss you off so much that it's just that easy for some of us? Handle your issues!

chaos... chaoskelly

Why wouldn't she be lying she lies about everything else!

Miche... MichelleK41

I lost 60 pounds on just every day activities with the kids, no special diet, the only thing I do different is drink water all the time.

nonmember avatar Ashley

Brandi's physique is 99% genetics. People need to stop analyzing celebrity diets and just aim to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. I had my second daughter and within 8 weeks am back into a size 00 (5'6" tall) with no evidence I ever delivered a 9+ pounder. People always ask me my secret and yada yada and the truth is. This is how I looked before (and before daughter number one) and this is just how my body likes to be. Regardless of how hard you workout or diet unless you were once a size 00 you're probably never going to be and guess what "THAT'S OKAY" because size really doesn't matter. Health and happiness and shiny hair (every guy I know says shiny hair is more important than pant size) are all that matters. Plus tiny people, Posh, Brandi, etc. are at increased risk for many health problems like osteoporosis when they are older.

nonmember avatar ruledbycats

She no doubt has a high metabolism rate. What difference does it make if she does Pilates 1 or 3 hours three times a week. She has a beautiful figure, that many would kill for (including me!. So don't try and allude to something you're not really sure. Sounds like jelly to me!!

pkspi... pkspikesmom

I was able to eat anythimg I wanted and never gained a pound, UNTIL I had kids.  Then everything changed and its a daily battle that I am losing. 

Cheryl Legnosky Dorman

Why would she lie...someone is just jealous and it isn't a pretty sight!!!  I know LOTS of women who are long and lean NATURALLY, with no exercise or healthy eating or whatever...they just ARE!!!  Why do people just have to hate on slim beautiful women?  Get over it AND get over yourself!!!


nonmember avatar Mattie Anderson

Live and let live. We all have to much to consume our lives with than wondering about her diet/exercise. Kudos to her. Remember the divorce diet does wonders, she still is going thru it too.

missusmc missusmc

She has a crazy beautiful body that is most likely the result of good genes. There are women out there who just don't have to work out that much.  It's okay.

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