Brooke Burke Had 'No Symptoms' Before Cancer, Which Made It Even Scarier

brooke burkeBrooke Burke may be cancer-free after a brief battle with thyroid cancer, but the Dancing with the Stars host, actress, entrepreneur, and mom is being as open as ever about her scary diagnosis. Brooke recently told Us Weekly that one of the most shocking things about it was how when she learned about the malignant lump on her thyroid, she had "no symptoms. It was crazy. Not one. Never felt better." Which is a major warning to us all ... 


Brooke explained how she handled hearing the tough news:

Any kind of bad medical news can be very, very scary. I think it's super important to be a good patient, to educate yourself and do your research. Cancer can scare the heck out of you, but what I did was really try to understand everything I could about the process that I was going to be going through.

Not sure if she realizes it, but the candid confession is also amazing advice for anyone -- whether you're potentially battling cancer or trying to lower your cholesterol.

It actually sort of baffles me how anyone could just take what their doctor says as gospel, without investigating a bit on their own. I'm not talking about driving yourself mad with hours on WebMD ... But like Brooke says, educating yourself, doing research, doing a bit of digging to better understand what's going on with your own health makes you a more empowered patient. Which is good news for the doctor and you, because you'll be better prepared with specific questions and have a better understanding of what's in store.

What's more, it means less fear. Cancer is scary. Many diagnoses are. But the more we know about what we're dealing with, the less intimidating it becomes.

Here's hoping Brooke keeps on sharing about her experience, because the more we know about her battle, it seems the better off many of her fans will likely be.

How much do you research your own health challenges? Do you agree it's a good habit to get into?


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