Chris Christie Tells Doctor to 'Shut Up' for Saying He'll Die in Office if He Doesn't Lose Weight (VIDEO)

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chris christie shut upEver since he's been in the spotlight, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has endured everything from total tongue-lashings to teasing galore about his weight. He clearly has a healthy sense of humor about it, even going so far as to jokingly nosh on a doughnut during a sit-down with Letterman recently. But yesterday, he decided to fire back at one of his critics: Connie Mariano -- who was President Bill Clinton's White House doctor and retired Navy rear admiral. Mariano randomly volunteered her opinion on his health this week in a CNN interview, saying, "I'm a physician more than I'm a Democrat or a Republican. And I'm worried about this man dying in office." To that, Christie had to say ... "She should shut up!"

Ouch! While I think there was a slightly more diplomatic/less Jersey way of putting it, I have to agree with the governor. Where does this woman get off?!

Christie elaborated his case:

I find it fascinating that a doctor in Arizona who's never met me, never examined me, never reviewed my history or medical records, knows nothing about my family history could make a diagnosis from 2,400 miles away. She must be a genius.

For. Real. Worse yet, the governor noted that his 12-year-old son came to him after hearing the blip on the news ... "He said, ‘Dad, are you going to die?’ I mean, c'mon. This is irresponsible stuff,” Christie remarked. Yes, yes, it is.

But Mariano defended herself by saying, "It doesn’t take a physician to look at him and observe that he’s overweight." True. In fact, he looks obese, really. But what does that even MEAN? It's truly shameful that despite being a supposedly licensed physician, Mariano is no better than the general, ignorant public that runs around thinking they know everything about Governor Christie's health, crying, "That guy's fat! He can't run for public office, because he's too fat! He must be unhealthy! He must be headed for a heart attack!" What do they know?

No matter what we think, we can't know for sure what's going on with someone's physical or mental health just by looking at them. Yes, Governor Christie's overweight -- that's obvious. But as recent research has showed, being overweight doesn't necessarily mean what we think it does. It doesn't necessarily mean heart risk or an early death. There are overweight people who are healthier than thin ones.

No one knows how healthy or unhealthy Christie is other than him, his actual doctor, and his nearest and dearest. And to make a judgment call or diagnosis attempt of anyone's personal situation without having actually examined them or their medical records, as Christie noted, is just plain irresponsible.

What do you think about the doctor's comments? Are you with her or Christie?


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mande... manderspanders

I agree with Chris Christie, 100%.

His weight is not a reflection of his ability or dedication. And it's high time that everyone learned that. Obesity is the last bastion of discrimination, bullying, etc, that is still considered socially acceptable.. I don't care is Mariano is a physician or not - she hasn't examined him and has no personal knowledge of his health history or risk factors.  I found Christie's response to be highly appropriate.

I'd like to see him run for president.  I tend to vote libertarian, but his no-nonsense tell-it-like-it-is attitude is exactly what we need.

nonmember avatar likity_split

Chris Christie 2016!!!!!

nonmember avatar Gretta

Of course the doctor was out of line.

bills... billsfan1104

I have read where people croak, and people remember them as beig the healthiest people in the work. Running 5 miles a day, eating low fat everything, vegans and so forth.

handy... handy0318

In complete agreement, manderspanders. 

nonmember avatar kaerae

Yeah, Bills, the reason they're news stories is because they're rare. Do you expect an article every time a morbidly obese person drops dead from being morbidly obese?

nonmember avatar Amy

I love this guy. I generally vote democrat but I would totally vote for him.

nonmember avatar andie

Sorry, but no, the doctor was not out of line. Sure, any of us could drop dead at any time, and being thin certainly doesn't necessarily mean being healthy, but... being morbidly obese DOES mean being UNhealthy. Being slightly overweight probably has no bearing on heart disease and blood pressure and all of the other problems and diseases that affect fat people, but Christie is not slightly overweight. He is gargantuan! Even though I agree with many of his political views, I would never vote for someone who has such a lack of self respect and dignity.

mande... manderspanders

@Andie, it's people like you who truly disgust me... Judging others purely on their physical appearance.  And if you think the doctor wasn't out of line; then as a nurse, I could make some medical judgments on your mental or physical health based on what you've written - and you'd totally think that would be out of line, I'm sure.

I hope Chris Christie, as much as I do anyone else, is able to be as healthy as possible... However, I have to say, his struggles and weight issues certainly make him more human, more like us average every day folk who have the same problems.  

And if you wouldn't vote for someone "who has such a lack of self respect and dignity" then I hope you don't vote for anyone who smokes, drinks, does drugs, or indulges in sexual escapades... as all those things convey a lack of self respect and dignity, too. Don't single out fat people just because they are fat.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

Yes, andie she WAS out of line. You don't get on television, where a person's children can hear you and say, "He's gonna die". Do you have any idea how traumatic that had to be? Chris Christie is well aware of his weight problem, hopefully, for the benefit of his family, he is getting some help with it. Doesn't make any less of an advocate for the state of New Jersey. Actually if my memory serves, he is the most passionate advocate New Jersey has seen in decades.

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