Constant Snacking Helped Me Lose 10 Pounds in a Month

SnacksWow. Your reactions to last week's post confessing my weight blew me away. Going through the comments, I was humbled to read about all of your weight confessions, struggles, and revelations. How great is it to know that there are so many other people in the world going through the same thing you are? Embrace it, y'all.

Reactions aside, this week I wanted to focus on one question from last week in particular: What are some of the things you eat? I'm not vegan or a vegetarian or have any crazy diet restrictions. I probably eat ice cream twice a week and am a HUGE fan of weekend brunch. The key is moderation, yes, but my saving grace will always be snacks.

I snack a lot, probably three times a day. I find when I do, I'm most successful at keeping off the pounds, satisfied, and less bored with my day-to-day happenings. So let's have at it. Here are some healthy snack suggestions that are great when you're trying to maintain weight loss or drop a few more pounds. Let's dish.


When you're having a snack, the goal is for it to be filling. The best way to find a filling snack is seeking out things that combine produce and protein. For example, while you may love snacking on just grapes at the office -- there's a high likelihood that they won't fill you up. Add two tablespoons of almonds to the mix, and that'll hold you over for MUCH longer.

Also, try to keep your snacks between 150 to 200 calories. With the amount of options out there, this definitely shouldn't be an issue. That number also helps you keep certain items in perspective. Say if you REALLY want frozen yogurt as a snack but it's closer to 300 calories -- that just helps you put dinner in perspective. No reason to say a hard no to your cravings. Trust me, you'll cave on something worse, later.

Let's talk particulars shall we? My go-to favorite snack lately has been the Chobani Bite yogurts. At 100 calories and 8 grams of protein, they're delicious and even better when I eat a few cashews to go with it. I'm also a HUGE fan of Luna's regular bars (chocolate dipped coconut, please) as well as Luna Fiber. When I'm really hungry, though, I reach for a Kind bar. With higher calories than your average snack or granola bar -- this option is SUPER filling, packed with loads of nuts, healthy fats, and 5 grams of sugar or less. Other no-name items I crave: Colored peppers with a side of low-fat blue cheese, light popcorn sprinkles with cocoa powder, and when I have the time to make 'em -- crispy roasted chickpeas.

... and now I'm officially hungry.

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What do you snack on during the day? Do you find that snacking more often helps you drop pounds?


Image via Emily Abbate

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