Mama June Lost 100 Pounds Without Even Trying

Mama june 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'There's no ignoring the fact that Mama June, Sugar Bear, and the rest of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family aren't in the best shape. We've seen their not-so-average eating habits, laughed at them snacking on pork rinds on the couch, and mocked their cheese puffs for breakfast habit. I've been a little unsettled worrying about Alana's health in the future, but it seems like she actually has a great role model to look up to: her mother.

Mama June tells TMZ that she's lost 100 pounds in a year. When she started filming the show, she was at 365 pounds. Today, she's 263! How'd she drop the weight? Get this: She hasn't changed a thing! Well, not drastically, anyway.

"I haven't done any surgeries, no diet pills, never went to the gym," June told the website. "With the show I've been more active."

Losing that much weight unintentionally without going to the gym or changing the way she's eating? Seems like adding even a little extra activity can REALLY make a difference!


Here's the thing: Mama June says she hasn't changed anything, but in actuality she has. Instead of straight up sitting on the couch all day every day, the family is getting out to go jump in mud puddles, going to fairs, and actually doing things that make for interesting television. Sure, she may not be hitting up the StairMaster or going for a three-mile run every Saturday, but she's getting up, getting out, and in the process, upping her daily activity.

The other benefit? When you're out making good use of your time, you're distracted. Sure, Mama June may not be changing what she's eating for her big meals, but by being distracted, she's most definitely not snacking as much. Upped cardio (although low-energy) and the reduced mindless eating have definitely done her good! Now just imagine what an extra 20-minute walk each day could do! Keep up the great work, Mama!

Have you ever noticed packing your schedule helps you lose weight? What tips and tricks do you have to dropping pounds?


Image via TLC

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