Denise Richards’ Shockingly Thin Photos Reveal She’s Anything but 'Healthy'

Denise RichardsTo say that Denise Richards is looking thin lately is an understatement. Walking around Bel Air yesterday to grab some ice cream with her three daughters, Eloise, Lola, and Sam, one would seriously think she was pulling a Matthew McConaughey. Looking frighteningly thin -- it makes me sad to report that, no, this small stature is NOT for a movie or role. It's just ... "natural."

After entertainment blogger Perez Hilton reached out to Denise on Twitter showing his concern, the star answered that she's healthy, going nonstop with her three girls. I'm sorry -- whether or not you're doing anything wrong and this small size of yours is standard, what's going on here is NOT healthy.

Not one bit.


One of Denise's friends tells Huffington Post that she prides herself in instilling a "good, healthy body image to her girls." The actress, who has always been slender, loves Pilates and, because of her three daughters, is constantly running around.

I hate to be the devil's advocate here, but just because she's busy with her girls doesn't mean she can forget to take care of herself, period. Same goes for any busy mom. At the size she's at now, this is NOT a great model to show her daughters. What happens when they question WHY mommy's so thin? As they get older and realize that being that small isn't normal -- will their concern be the kick in the ass Denise needs to REALLY focus on her health? Heck, her arms are the same size as her toddler's!

Man, I hope so. Denise deserves a healthy, fulfilled life. My advice? Stop the craziness once in a while, reflect, and realize what's really best, lady. Where you're at is definitely not.

Do you think Denise is looking too small? Does it make you concerned?


Image via Splash News

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