Family Who Smoked on Plane & Caused Emergency Landing Didn't Care If Others Got Sick

no smoking plane signI get that when you're a smoker, you're addicted to cigarettes. The addiction has more control over you than you have over it. But still, there are certain moments that call for a little something called self-control. Like when you're onboard an airplane, for instance. But apparently, some people still can't help themselves. Today, a Canadian airline reports that a plane headed for the Dominican Republic from Halifax had to make an emergency landing in Bermuda, because a family was smoking in their seats! I KNOW!

It was a 52-year-old mother, 52-year-old father, and 22-year-old son brigade who had lit up, refused to tell the crew where they had stashed their cigarette butts, and actually at one point became "verbally abusive." SO insane!


It's not only appalling that the family was so selfish and belligerent in regard to a clearly OUTLAWED behavior that they somehow thought was okay. (Did they come from a connecting time machine flight direct from the year 1962?) But there are serious, legit reasons why smoking was banned on airplanes in the first place!

Hello, we all know there are major health implications of smoking onboard an aircraft -- aka a confined metal tube with pressurized air and hundreds of people (180 on this plane, actually) inside with you. Before the smoking ban was passed in the late '80s (can you believe it was legal up 'til then?!), consumer and health groups, the Surgeon General of the United States, and the National Academy of Sciences all warned about the dangers of second-hand smoke in an enclosure like an airline cabin. It's not exactly rocket science! (Geeze, I can't even stand when I'm forced to stand next to a smoker at a crosswalk or walk behind one on a city sidewalk.)

Thankfully, the Bermuda Police Service says the smokers were arrested after the plane landed. They were later released on bail. But meanwhile, the plane's 180 passengers and crew had to stay in a hotel overnight and resume its journey the next morning. Wow. All that for a smoke break in the skies. Crazy.

What in the world do you think these people were thinking?! Are you glad the smoking ban exists on planes?

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