5 'Healthy' Foods That Will Actually Make You Look Fat

milkThere are times when I think I have done everything right diet-wise, yet I still feel big and bloated. Have you ever had one of those days? Incredibly frustrating, isn't it? It makes me feel like giving up and just grabbing a slice of pizza. But I've figured out what I am doing wrong. I have been wrecking my waistline with foods that are diet-friendly, but actually can leave you feeling swollen. Maybe you are too. Here are 6 healthy foods that give you belly bloat.

What surprising foods have left you bloated?


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  • Artificial Sweeteners


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    While cutting back on sugar is a great idea, alternative sweeteners can contain sugar alcohol that can leave your tummy swollen.

  • Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts


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    What could be wrong with veggies, right? Yes, they are healthier than most foods, but if you notice the bloat after eating them, that's because they are similar to beans in that they don't break down as easily in the digestive track.

  • Skim Milk


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    You may not have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant, but it can be hard for our bodies to break milk and cheese down. As such, dairy can cause gas and bloating.

  • Sugar-Free Gum


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    Most brands contain sugar alcohol, which causes bloating. Another reason? While chewing, you are likely swallowing more air and that can make your tummy expand too.

  • All Carbonated Drinks


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    It's not just sugary soft drinks that are the culprit. All carbonated beverages, including water, have carbon dioxide, which can leave your belly bloated and big.

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