‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Sexy New Workout Will Have You Sweating in Bed (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham 'Teen Mom'I think it's safe to say that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has a little extra time on her hands. I won't get down on her for working out, the MTV star has a killer body. But it's how she's working out and sharing it with her fans that has got me rolling on the floor laughing. It involves a bed. An ab workout on a bed. You mean to tell me there's more than one way to work out in between the sheets? Farrah, you fox, you.

OK, so she has reason for all this. Farrah's "V-shape" is in honor of Valentine's Day, and shows the six-pack celeb doing five different ab moves ... in bed. Totally normal, really. As much as I want to hate on her for this whole sexy workout thing, the moves she's doing are actually ... legitimate. As in, Farrah's showing fans a super effective workout.

Just, you know, from bed.


First things first, let's watch this fit beauty, shall we?

OK, so you have to admit -- Farrah looks ridiculous. In two ways, actually. Her body is absolutely ridiculous. She goes to do a sit-up and you can see about 4,024 different muscles contract in her abdomen. She also looks ridiculous doing all these moves from bed, although I do like the thought process that I can do this routine in my PJs. Makes the whole lazy Sunday concept a whole lot more attractive.

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Hey, whatever works. Farrah, keep those crunches coming. I will suggest, though, that your next workout video is filmed on a more sturdy surface.

Do you think Farrah's V-Day workout is super lame?


Image via pafarrahabraham/YouTube

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