Jennie Garth Has More Than Heartbreak to Thank for Her Hot New Body (VIDEO)

jennie garth jason priestleyUsually, any story involving Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth would get me giddy as a former lifelong Beverly Hills, 90210 fan. But the latest one, in which Jason spoke about Jennie's hot, super-fit new look, is sort of getting under my skin. I blame the reporter who thought it might be a good idea to ask Jennie's one-time on-screen fiance about how Kelly Taylor's lookin' these days. What's it to him?! But apparently, he did have an opinion on Jennie's post-split slimdown ...

At the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) convention in Miami, where he's promoting the new season of his comedy Call Me Fitz, Jason told People, "You spend a little time in Heartbreak Hotel, that's what happens. Heartbreak Hotel diet is a good one." Whaaa?


Okay, I get it, he was joking around. He's promoting a comedy. He was probably caught off-guard by the question. (Although the original 90210 cast, from Jason to Shannen Doherty, must be used to getting weird, random Qs about their former co-stars like this all the time ...) But still. The idea that heartbreak, a breakup automatically translates to weight loss is just plain silly!

And yet, it's actually a common misconception ... Break up -- get revenge body! Just like apparently, when you're planning a wedding, you're supposed to be so stressed that the pounds fall off! Because apparently, anything that causes stress = involuntary starvation = wow-worthy weight loss.

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But we all handle stress in different ways. Sure, some people -- look at Demi Moore and Selma Blair -- tend to get super-skinny when they're going through a rough time. Some overeat. Some of us have genes that respond in a way to stress that encourages weight gain even if we're eating right and exercising! Ugh.

But there are also those who decide to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and (re-)commit to a healthy lifestyle as a result of their stress or a way to cope with it. That's exactly what I think Jennie did. To make it seem like simply being heartbroken was enough to help her (or other women who have done the exact same thing) get in the best shape of her life minimizes what she achieved and sells her way too short.

So tsk, tsk, Brandon Walsh! Jennie definitely has more than her breakup to thank for her rockin' new bod.

Check out this video for more details on Jen's other revenge ... a hot new boyfriend!


How does stress affect your weight or commitment to a healthy lifestyle?

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