Do You Know What's In Your Fast Food?

hamburgerI go to McDonald's. And even though I'm a health nut, I go often, especially in the winter because they have a huge, clean indoor playground that saves my sanity when the kids are off from school.

This is how i justify it anyway.

Of course, we eat: Hamburger Happy Meals, Chicken Selects and the little bag of apples (without the extra calories in the yummy caramel sauce, thankyouverymuch). But would I still eat there now that I know what's in my fast food--Burger King, Wendy's and other chains included?


Researchers examined the food to find out what the animals ate. According to a recent study from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, our fast food contains:

  • Meat--beef and poultry--from animals that were mostly fed corn to make them fat
  • Meat from animals that were raised in confinement.

What do you think? I'm not sure--I might stick to Shakes and Hot Cakes. Here's a recent CafeMom question asking which fast food chain is our favorite? So don't feel badly if you still head there sometimes. In fact, in a little poll I recently did, 36 percent of us CafeMoms have been eating a little more fast food lately because it's cheaper.

My question for you is this: Are the above reasons going to keep you from eating fast food?

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