This Is What 133 Pounds Looks Like (PHOTO)

134 poundsThe Stir's Emily Abbate is working toward her 2013 resolution to lose weight and get fit. Check back every week to follow along on her journey, read tips and tricks that work for her, and join in to share your hard work in the comments section. Because, hey, losing weight is always easier when you have your friends supporting you.

Last week was interesting for me after I read your comments. I saw that many of you are frustrated with the fact that someone who may not be obese wanted to lose some weight and tone up. Hey, I respect that. I really do. For a woman who "looks like 115 pounds" (hey, THANKS FOR THAT!) but still has a "flabby" midsection, I expected this weight loss series to touch some nerves.

Everyone is different. Everyone has a different perception of WHAT they want to look like. Which is why I think we're at this point where I should tell you the truth. The whole truth. Today, I weigh 133 pounds.

Five years ago, I weighed 203.

Two-hundred and three pounds. Didn't expect that one, did ya? It's been a long six years for me filled with ups and downs in real life and on the scale, but today I am thankful for the hard work I've put in and the lifestyle I live. After the last six years, I could probably spew more random facts at you about eating right and exercise than I care to admit. When I started this mission to get back at it in 2013 after falling off track, it was something I had to do for myself. I knew I wanted to be better again, and that falling back into my old habits of late night eating, skipping exercise, and going back for seconds thirds wasn't doing me any favors.

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You have to believe me, I understand that it's hard to see a person who isn't huge talk about getting fit and losing weight. Back in the day I wanted to slap every one of my smaller friends across the face when she complained about eating one-too-many French fries at the East Campus Dining Hall. You can handle it, I'd think to myself.

Now, though, it's in perspective. Today, I understand that being 133 pounds for me may be a blessing, but for others, it may not be a happy point. I understand I can't get angry with my best friend who's been naturally thin her entire life when she tells me she's frustrated with her legs. As long as she's healthy and smart, she has a right. We all do.

Here, this photo, this is just what my 133 pounds looks like. A coworker of mine pointed out an interesting website to me that shows all different women of the same weight, and it's empowering. I encourage you all to look at it. As for me, well, I've accomplished my goal. After losing the last 0.2 pounds last week, I'm officially 10 pounds lighter and, after this post, emotionally enlightened as well. Because I'm "done," will I stop living healthier? Never. Now it's time to focus on what's on the inside, too.

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So let's talk it out. Do you think your perception of weight is skewed? Do you have a touching weight loss story of your own?


Image via Emily Abbate



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fleur... fleurdelys3110

Good for you!! You look amazing!

Solomon Annor

you looking gr8t how do i slim up

linzemae linzemae

Emily, you look great. I couldn't believe some of the comments last week saying you looked chubby. You dont!

rhps2000 rhps2000

Thank you! You've given me hope! I am at 200. :( I was once 115, but felt most comfortable at 129. Here's to doing it, after seeing it can br done! :)

amiec... amiecanflie

Thank you! You l;ook amazing, all your hard work paid off! 

Rachel Rosten

Em, so brave for putting up this picture! Love the blog posts, keep them coming :)

adrin... adriness666

Compared to a 203lb person yea she looks alright, but in reality she is not ready for beach season. Maybe 15lbs more.

CPN322 CPN322

adriness666 - You know what? Someone needs to say this to you. You are a bitch and even if you have a perfect body, you obviously aren't anywhere near perfect on the inside. I also think you might be going blind because she looks FANTASTIC!!!! And if she lost 15 pounds, she'd look sickly.

tinyk... tinykitty

Seriously adriness666!? I suppose you have 6 pack abs and work as a fitness model.

adrin... adriness666

She has thunder thighs

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