Sharon Osbourne Wants to Stop Plastic Surgery 'Abuse' After Double Mastectomy

sharon osbourneWhen Sharon Osbourne bravely underwent a preemptive mastectomy and became a breast cancer "previvor" last year, it boosted her odds of living an even longer life and having even more time with her kids and grandchildren (present and future). But as it turns out, it also changed her attitude about cosmetic surgery ...

After years of being open about her penchant for going under the knife, Sharon's being especially outspoken in vowing to swear off her plastic habit. Given what she faced with her breast surgery, it certainly makes sense ...


The truth is that although she did find out she has the BRCA gene that significantly ups a woman's risk of getting breast cancer, her breast implants were giving her lots of trouble, too. She recently said on her show, The Talk:

I wasn't diagnosed with cancer, but I had the gene and one of my breasts was in a really bad state because of the implant. ... One of them had burst, and all of it had gone into the wall of my stomach. And one breast was different than the other.

Now she's warning fans, "Never have [implants] by the way." Whoa, talk about a change of heart. Still, despite having been through that whole debacle, it sounds like the final straw was seeing photos of herself in which she looked like she really had quite a bit of "work" done. She said:

I have been looking at pictures of myself recently since I started to lose weight. ... In a lot of shots, my face looks plastic and at certain angles I was like, 'Oh, dear. Oh, I should never have done that. Oh, that's a bad one.' So I'm like, 'No more. No more abuse.'

Good for her. She could still be thinking that she has years of Botoxing and face-lifting and other types of operations left in her, but hopefully now she's seen the light and is cool with simply aging gracefully -- and naturally! After seeing how she bravely faced the mastectomy like she did, I'm pretty sure she's capable of it. Hopefully this realization of hers is proof that she is too.

What do you think about Sharon's post-mastectomy realization?

Image via CBS

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