Get JWoww's Killer Abs With These 3 Moves (PHOTO)

JWowwIt is very rare that you actually see a woman with defined abs. It's uber hard to tone your tummy (unless you use this easy makeup trick), and I just am a firm believer that for average women like you and me, ripped abs aren't common. Regardless, Jenni Farley, AKA JWoww, has confirmed that she is indeed not human -- tweeting a photo of her amazingly toned stomach the other day and making followers green with jealousy.

In a flirtatious exchange with her fiance Roger Mathews, the Jersey Shore star told him that before breakfast, she really does have abs. HA! YES, yes she most definitely does. I have a hunch that they're even there AFTER breakfast, too.

So what's a jealous woman like myself to do? Well, find out HOW to get them, of course, even if it's gonna take a while. Read on to hear exactly how JWoww gets those rock hard abs, here:


Jenni talks all about the three different moves she uses to work on her core on her personal blog. First up, the bicycle, which essentially consists of you lying on the ground with your hands behind your head and doing alternating crunches touching your right elbow to your left knee, and vice versa. Then, the vertical leg crunch, which is a crunch done while your legs are straight up in the air crossed at the knees. Lastly, the exercise ball crunch, which is crunches done while stabilized atop, yup, you guessed it, an exercise ball.

OK, so these sound easy enough, right? Here's the thing: everyone is different. Although these core moves are great to tone the tummy, different routines and strategies work for different people. Make JWoww's ab routine your own by combining some of her key moves with some of yours, and hey, maybe you too will have a killer tummy in no time!

Do you think JWoww is fit? Are you jealous of women with insanely toned stomachs?


Image via Instagram

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