Jennifer Lawrence Sick With Walking Pneumonia at SAG Awards: What Are the Signs? (VIDEO)

jennifer lawrence red carpetWe're all buzzing about Jennifer Lawrence's wardrobe malfunction that went down as she made her way up to accept her "Actor" at last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, but sounds like the Silver Linings Playbook star had much bigger fish to fry than her too-fitted gown last night. The day before, she won the best actress award at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards in L.A. But she wasn't there to accept it. When co-star Jacki Weaver accepted for her, she explained, "Poor Jen is really sick. She really is sick. She has pneumonia."

So how in the world was she able to pull herself together and show up to the SAG Awards last night? She even told E!'s Giuliana Rancic, "Everyone is scared of me. I'm like, 'I'm fine!'" Really?


Well, maybe. JLaw has "walking pneumonia" -- or should we say, "walking-the-red-carpet pneumonia"? -- also known as atypical pneumonia, which is more contagious than regular pneumonia. Grrrreat, Jen -- first you jab Meryl Streep, and then you pass along an infectious disease to the rest of Hollywood! Juuuust kidding ... although the actress may have been contagious for about 10 days or fewer, it takes being in close contact with an infected person for prolonged periods of time in order to catch walking pneumonia.

But the good news is that the illness is milder than straight-up pneumonia. The term "walking" is used, because people who have it are often well enough to walk around. More often than not, this type of pneumonia is most common in younger people -- kids and adults under 40. So it's not too surprising that 22-year-old JLaw would have come down with it.

The illness is caused by bacteria called mycoplasma, but antibiotics aren't necessary, as symptoms tend to go away on their own. Symptoms -- which generally appear 15 to 25 days after exposure to the bacteria and develop slowly over a period of two to four days -- can include a cough that may come in violent spasms but produce very little mucus, mild flu-like symptoms (like fever and chills), sore throat, headache, tiredness, and lingering weakness that may persist after other symptoms go away, according to WebMD. Some people with walking pneumonia also suffer from an ear infection, anemia, or a skin rash. Ugh.

Let's hope her recovery is speedy, because girl's gotta be totally well come the Oscars.

More details JLaw's battle with the illness  ...

Were you surprised Jennifer Lawrence showed up to the SAG Awards despite her illness? When was the last time you grinned and beared being sick for a big event?


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