New Stomach Bug Sweeping the Country Gives Us Something to Fear Besides the Flu

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hand sanitizerI'm pretty much ready to buy my family hazmat suits and have them start wearing them full-time for the next couple of months. First there's the flu that has me shooting visual daggers at every kid who coughs in our vicinity, and now there's a new "vomiting virus" infiltrating the country that can keep you and yours home and miserable for days on end too.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today released a report that details this new strain of norovirus that is taking over in the United States and spreading through the world. More than 140 outbreaks in the U.S. since September have been caused by it, and more may be on the way.

According to USA Today, we have our friends in Australia to thank for this one as that's where's it originated. It's been dubbed the GII4 Sydney virus. With it comes things like "nausea, projectile vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain."

Since it's a new strain of the virus, it can potentially have a wider reach since people haven't been exposed to it before. And bonus -- it's extremely contagious.

There is some good news, however. While it's not a fun one to endure, it's not highly dangerous in most cases. The majority of people will fight it off without any kind of medical intervention after a couple of days. Of course, the elderly and others with compromised immune systems are always at the highest risk.

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So it could be worse, but still, I'm so sick of all of the sick. And it's only January. The season for this stuff runs through March!

Actually my family has been pretty fortunate thus far, and besides a bad sinus infection I had last week, we've managed to escape anything else ... so far. But I live in fear and with lots of hand sanitizer just waiting for something to strike, as I know it has for many across the country. How many days until summer?

What kind of sickness has your family been hit with? Are you living in fear of sickness?


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MrsNe... MrsNewman

we have been batteling the flu for the last 2 wks. :(

corri... corrinacs

We got it in December. My hope is that this is the NEW virus, because that shit is horrible. The abdoniminal pains are nothing to point a stick at.  And projectile vomiting/diarreah is the worst.  If you like cleaning up vomit and diarreah, keep talking about how "its nothing".

I cleaned up so much vomit that week that my DH bought me flowers.  He never buys me flowers and said I totally deserved it!

Amy Mathis

My 1 year old and I both got it, its been making the rounds thru his daycare. They were sending home on typical of 3-4 kids per day, because there isn't a fever, and it kind of hits you out of nowhere. All of a sudden you're sick. I didn't go to the dr, but I took my son because he wouldn't eat and still had diarrhea for a week. I lost 6 pounds :(

ttsmo... ttsmommy2008

I am 23 weeks pregnant, and have been sick for three weeks now...nothing causing vomiting or anything like that...mainly upper and lower respiratory, causing terrible headaches, coughing so hard that I wet my pants (embarrassing) or gag myself causing me to throw up. The worst part was that I'd just started a badly-needed job, at a daycare...I got sick, and stayed sick...I was let go yesterday. I'm quite upset about it, we needed the income (no matter how little it was) very badly.

Meredith Dodson Testerman

Actually, for all of you people that crying about how this article is "not news" or not that big of a deal.. think again. I rushed my son to the emergency room just a week ago because of severe dehdration from him vomiting fifteen times in a few hours. The doctor said that it was rampant and he had treated 8 cases just that day. We live in a small town too. My husband missed two days of work and could barely stand for longer than a few seconds. The Norovirus is dangerious especially for the immunocompromised, children, and elderly. So for those that want to poo poo this article as fear mongering... wash your hands, cross your fingers, and say a prayer because you may very well be among those that end up with this very nasty bug.

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