Eat Lunch at Your Desk, Do You? Here’s One Way to Stay Mindful While Chowing Down

lunch at deskDo you eat lunch at your desk? Of course you do. Everyone does. Right now I'm typing on a keyboard that's probably littered with billions of microscopic bits of mayonnaise, Baked Lays, hot sauce, and eggs. News flash: eating at our desks is bad for us. Or as the U.K.'s health minister Anna Soubry so delicately puts it, it's not only unhealthy, "it's disgusting." Whoa, Anna, tell us how you really feel, why don't you.

Anyway, she's not wrong. Sitting at our desks with our sad, pathetic, probably unhealthy, likely over-sized lunches under the white glow of our computer screens is pretty gross. However! Thanks to new research, there's something we can do about it.


Researchers from a university in the Netherlands asked people to sit and watch TV for 15 minutes and gave them an endless supply of soup, which, I can only assume, is the Dutch equivalent of a bag of Fritos, because really, who's like, Ah, I can't wait to relax and watch Scandal with a bowl of soup, other than those healthy and fit soccer-loving Europeans? I digress.

So everyone got some soup, yum, but the difference was the size of spoon they received. When all was said and done, those with smaller spoons ate less, but felt just as satisfied as those who had bigger spoons. Also, not only did the people with the bigger spoons eat more, but they also vastly underestimated how much they'd consumed when quizzed after the TV time.

So! If we insist on eating at our desks, in front of our screens, then maybe the least we could do is eat using miniature utensils. Got any spoons left over from when your kid was a baby? I mean, it's worth a shot.

Lord knows I'm n'er going to be a sophisticated lady who lunches al fresco, so tiny utensils it is. Then again, chips and Starbursts don't really require a fork, knife, or spoon ... I'm effed.

Do you eat at your desk?


Photo via psigrist/Flickr

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