Jenelle Evans’ Husband Reveals Serious Health Problems That May Explain a Lot

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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans and Courtland RogersRemember back when Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers got married at the end of 2012 and told the world they had a really, really good reason for rushing things along? Well yeah, we all thought that the good reason was that Jenelle was pregnant -- but some new details have come out that may reveal otherwise. Jenelle threatened divorce when Courtland left town while she may be having a miscarriage (yeah I can hardly keep up, either), and Courtland tweeted something that's caught our attention. 

Rogers told followers that he had left Jenelle to go to Michigan and visit his best friend's grave because he "honestly [doesn't] have much longer on this earth there are things I have to do."

Hmmm. Could this explain why both he and Jenelle have been in and out of the hospital together SO many times throughout the last few months? Could Courtland's "mysterious illness" be the reason they got hitched so quickly?

When you care about someone so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, I can only imagine how frightening that's got to be to find out that life may be cut short. Really, though, dating for like two months and then getting hitched ... what is this, A Walk to Remember?

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The question arises: Is the state of someone's health a good reason to make other important decisions, like marriage? I think it's circumstantial. I believe you need to think about what you would do if the illness was non-existent. In the case of marriage, would you be doing this at this point, otherwise? It's a slippery slope, one that I personally hope I never have to tackle.

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Either way, we don't know if Courtland's claims are legitimate. However, if he really does have some life-threatening illness, then there's no doubt in my mind that all of this arguing, ridiculous media attention, and stress are NOT helping his cause.

Do you think Courtland's really sick? Or do you think this is another ploy for attention and sympathy?


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Spooky80 Spooky80

courtland is NOT deathly ill because if he really was he would be laid up in bed in the hospital or laid up in bed at home with someone (an at home nurse or doctor) taking care of him 24/7, this is all just for attention to make people feel bad and if he really was deathly ill he sure as hell wouldnt have gone to MI.......courtland is nothing but a liar just like jenelle

Alie Hawkins

I must say spooky80 you are f*ckin stuipd really how you going to say if he was deathly sick he would be in the hospital? i hate to tell you but you need to go back to school an educate yourself really my aunt has had cancer for now 5years an shes at home, she may not be doing well but shes home, Not all people have at home nurses are you a nurse or a doctor? i didnt think so.

Im so tired of reading all you guys sorry as* comments on here about her life an his, well how about you dont read it yeah we all know shes a drugy an a bad parent but is that your business NO just because shes a "teen mom star" dont mean you have the right to judge you have only seen parts of her life not the whole story.


Amy Adams

Alie Hawkins and we are sick of reading about how close she is to getting Jace back. And how in love she is with this man and that man but the second there is trouble shes blasting that once "awesome" person. She keeps this up and she will never get her son back.. I have long ago lost my respects for her. She is a pathetic person who takes down everyone near her. Her so called miscarriage of a baby that never existed and was only made to make money from the tabloid is sicking. She needs help. Her kid will need therapy for life.

Jamie Rodriguez

He could be contemplating suicide, but who knows

nonmember avatar Mastermoto

he could have AIDS, MS, Cancer or many other things that are life threatening and he wouldnt be bed ridden...theres alot of illnesses that people have that u cant see just by looking at them...he may be lying then again he may not be...we arent walking in his shoes so theres no way to be sure of anything.

April Marie Driesse

To answer your question regarding marriage, no, it is absolutely not a good reason to get married. I was diagnosed with leukemia, and not sure what the next steps were. My aunt was murdered and the day my sisters wedding was, we found out about the murder. My boyfriend STILL didn't marry me. We have been together 2 years. Marriage doesn't and isn't something you want to get done just because your sick. There should be love behind it. And TBH, if Courtland was deathly ill, why is he not going to a bunch of doctors appointments or held up in the hospital, for 5 hours doing chemo, or held up with a nurse taking care of him? I mean I suppose it could be possible that he has some rare disease and is going through treatment and whatnot, but I think it honestly is all for attention.

Christine House

you never knew he could have cancer or something ill wrong with him or he could have aids lol i m just saying why would someone lie about dying who wants to die noone does

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