Jennie Garth's Secret to Staying Fit Is in Her Jeans

jennie garthIn the time that's passed since she split up with ex-husband Peter Facinelli, Kelly Taylor Jennie Garth has really seemed to get her act even more together. Seriously, the mom of two seemed to be firing on all cylinders even before her divorce, but now that she's on her own, she's more of a multitasking powerhouse. Not to mention that she looks like a million bucks -- and seems to feel like it, too! So, when the woman speaks about how she's doing it, we listen!

Jennie's been blogging for, sharing tips and tricks here and there, and her latest, her secret "rule" for keeping her weight in check is not only brilliant ... it's so easy!


Although she admits she believes in weighing herself every day (which can be incredibly stressful and definitely doesn't work for everyone), she does have another fantastic tactic she employs frequently to see where she stands. She calls it her "2-jeans-rule" ...

I also have two pairs of pants that I keep in my closet to gauge myself with. One is wide leg and loose, and I want to make sure it’s always loose—it’s supposed to hang, it’s not supposed to be snug. And the other one is a tighter ripped jean: I know when I’m in that jean, I’m in a good spot.

Love this! I've been finding more and more that the scale isn't necessarily the best -- nor should it be the only -- indicator of health or fitness. Jennie probably realizes a whole variety of factors (water, hormonal flux, etc.) can influence the number on the scale ... but when your skinny jeans won't zip or your loose jeans aren't loose anymore, you know something's amiss, and it's time to get back on track.

Plus, the feeling you get when those jeans do fit right is awesome. Some might even say it's more exhilarating than seeing an arbitrary, even more changeable number of pounds.

Do you use or would you use Jennie's rule to stay on track?

Image via Rob Latour for London Entertainment/Splash News

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