Wacky Ways Moms Work Out With Their Kids (VIDEO)

Unless you are a fitness instructor or otherwise super-buff and graceful, you probably look pretty silly working out. I do, you do, everybody does.

However, we moms need our strength and endurance to keep up with these crazy kids of ours! We want to set a good example of living a healthy lifestyle, too.

Our buddy Randall (of Honey Badger fame) is always willing to point out our silliness in his series Moms in the Wild. In the latest episode, he follows a bunch of wild moms during their workouts ... workouts which incorporate their kids in sometimes crazy ways. Check it out!


Actually, working out with your baby is a pretty good idea ... they love the movements, it's a nice way to bond, and if you're going to be hefting around a 15-pound weight anyway ...

But some of this looks pretty ridiculous. What are those crazy moms doing during the stroller exercise class at the end? Is it really safe to bounce your baby like some of these moms are doing? And don't any of these women have access to what might just be the best invention known to mommyhood: A gym with childcare?

Watch these fitness buff mommies below and tell us what you think!

Do you work out with your baby?

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Image via CafeMom Studios

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