Are My Nipples Normal? 5 of Your Embarrassing Questions Answered

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NipplesNipples. We don't often talk about those, huh? Big, small, large, round, small, lopsided, we all have them. Just like our beautiful faces, they are individual and unique all in their own special way.

Oftentimes though, we have ... questions. Nipple questions. Questions you may not bring up to your girlfriends because, well, who actually brings up the topic of nipples these days over a glass of pinot grigio at Friday night cocktail hour? Not me, that's for damn sure.

So I'm sure you want to know: What are normal nipples? We answer that question and more in our guide to nipple health, here:

1. What is a "normal" size of a the areola? Generally the areola, the darkened area around your nipple, is on average around 1.5 inches, or 4.7 centimeters in diameter. However, having smaller or larger areolas is not an anomaly and absolutely nothing to worry about. Areola size can be impacted by genetics, and is also affected if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

2. What colors are "normal" for the areola? Areolas can be many shades, all of which are considered normal. Pink, dark brown, tan, and beige are standard.

3. Is discharge from the nipples normal? It depends what it looks like. If your breasts have been squeezed or compressed excessively or you've been aroused, then it's normal to see a slight off-white or clear discharge. However, if you see a bloody discharge -- head immediately to see a doctor; that is never normal. Either way, though, if you see discharge regularly and are not breastfeeding or pregnant, consulting with a doctor is recommended.

4. Should I be alarmed if I have small bumps on my areola? Oftentimes, small bumps on the areola could be Montgomery glands. Their purpose? To provide breasts with lubrication. You'll notice these bumps are higher when you're aroused. If you see that these bumps have increased in number or size, consult a doctor.

5. Are dry nipples problematic? Truthfully, they can be an indication of Paget's Disease, a rare form of breast cancer. They can also be just that, dry. Just like the rest of your body, it is important to give your girls the dose of moisturizer they deserve. If dryness and itchiness is persistent, seek medical advice.

Do you find this information helpful? Do you have your own nipple concerns?


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redK8... redK8blueSt8

I'm surprised that inverted nipples weren't mentioned. I didn't even know about them, or that I had them, until having my daughter and being unable to breastfeed with out artifical nipple shields.

jmama... jmama0307

Thank you and redK6blue 5t8 my nipples are like that. It was hard for me to breast feed. When I went to the doc a week later they told me I had that and the only way I would be able to breast feed is either pump or making it hard by that time the milk dry. 

Taisie Taisie

I used to be self conscious about my breasts, and part of the reason for that was because the only breasts I have ever really seen, besides my own, have been in movies, or in magazines like playboy or penthouse, and obviously, those are what society puts forth as "perfect" breasts, and a lot of them have been surgically enhanced.

But then I found a website that really helped alleviate my insecurities. It may seem a bit strange to go purposefully looking at other women's breasts just to look at them, but it did a lot for my self esteem to see that mine are normal, and that really, most women do not have perfect perky movie star breasts. Now I feel that both my breasts, and my insecurities about them normal, and beautiful :)

Normal Breast Gallery

the4m... the4mutts

Thank you Taisie for sharing that :)

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Nipple shields arent just for those of us with inverted nipples. I used them while I breastfed my son because my nipples are wide and flat. Those things were lifesavers :-p 

Anyway...boobs are just great no matter what :-p

Kat13... Kat13zMom

What the heck: do anyone else's nipples get hard when they sneeze?

melis... meliscool72

already knew all this :) but it just might be the fact i went to med school for a bit

nonmember avatar angel delarosa

Theres nothing wrong with having different nipples just live life with what god gave you

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