Mixing Up My Workouts Helps Me Keep the Pounds Off

Losing weight in 2013: week 3The Stir's Emily Abbate is working toward her 2013 resolution to lose weight and get fit. Check back every Wednesday to follow along on her journey, read tips and tricks that work for her, and join in to share your hard work in the comments section. Because, hey, losing weight is always easier when you have your friends supporting you.

Week two was harder than week one. During week one I felt like everyone else was trying to keep healthy for 2013. Now that we're more than halfway through January, the resolutioners are starting to give up and here I am -- still chugging. Which is why I'm happier than ever to report that I'm down another 1.4 pounds, making the grand total so far 6.8 pounds.

This week, I wanna talk about diversifying your workout routine. From a hip hop dance class and hot yoga to yesterday morning's early run through Central Park -- mixing things up is the key to not HATING the words "working out," I promise. Let's dish.


Back in October and November, I went through a huge workout dry spell. As the cooler temperatures crept in, I found myself seriously unmotivated to do anything remotely productive because, well -- it's baggy sweater season and that says it all.

With this newfound desire to get back into shape, though, I've been trying to think of ways to stay active without getting bored. The answer? Mixing things up.

Take the hip hop class I went to last Wednesday night, for starters. I knew I wanted to go, but was hesitant without a buddy. I went for it, though, and it ended up being a really fun time with a great instructor. Plus, I was sweating more in those 55 minutes than I had at the gym in weeks, and left with some new dance moves -- which I refuse to EVER perform in public.

It's been a long time since I've actually looked forward to working out. But by giving myself different options, I feel super productive and much, much more motivated to get out and try something new. Whether you simply elect to take different classes at your local gym or enlist the help of a friend to try a variety of things, what's important is that you get out there and just DO.

... and now, this week's photo:

Losing weight in 2013: week 3

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Now it's your turn to chime in. Tell me:

What obstacles did you encounter this week? How do you incorporate exercise into your weekly routine?


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