Farrah Abraham Says Her Biggest Fitness Inspiration Is Herself

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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Everyone has their fitness inspiration. Maybe it's someone like celeb personal trainer Jillian Michaels or an actress with a slammin' bod like Jennifer Garner. For Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, her fitspiration is none other than ... herself. The 21-year-old mom to little Sophia tweeted to her fans the other day that her inspiration of the day was a photo of her on vacation.

Honestly, my immediate reaction to this was laughter. How flattering of her to say that about herself, to think she looks that good that she doesn't need to pull guidance from other role models. But the truth is, heck, the girl's worked for it. Yeah, she's had work done, but with the help of working out and dedication, that post-baby body is majorly hers. While it may be a little self-centered, the girl deserves to appreciate and savor her hard work.

Like Farrah and every other woman on the planet, I've had my fair share of weight ups and down. I remember after high school, I had gained some weight in college and always looked back to this one photo I had from summers before. I always told myself if I could be the best version of myself, I'd want to be like the woman in that photo again. In that photo, I was happy in my body, and happy with my life.

I'd even go as far as to say that that photo was the healthiest source of inspiration I had to get fit again. Instead of gazing off to too-skinny celebrities and models who haven't eaten in days, I just wanted to be that healthy, happy version of myself. 

So I get it, Farrah. I get what it's like to look at a photo of yourself and feel proud of how far you've come. My only hope is for now, you can see yourself as the beautiful woman you are, no more surgeries necessary.

Do you have one of those photos? Do you think Farrah is crazy to look at herself for fitness inspiration?


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nonmember avatar Rosaline

I have one of those after pregnancy photos where I still look like a beached whale. So yea, I would say that I have an inspirational photo of myself... To get rid of that! Down 25 pounds and 15 more to go!

nonmember avatar Alice

Actually I think it is great!!! So much better to use your best self as inspiration than someone's best self. Trying to achieve others results is a great way to let your self down.

nonmember avatar Kyra

I think everyone SHOULD use themselves as inspiration. Otherwise you start dreaming about looking Like another person. Thats impossible, the only person your ever going to look Like is you.

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