Suzanne Somers Says Adam Lanza's 'Toxic' Diet Might Be to Blame for Sandy Hook Shootings (VIDEO)

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suzanne somers on huffpo liveBy now, Suzanne Somers is likely used to getting flak for her brilliant but unconventional ideas about health and wellness, hormones and toxins. So I wouldn't be surprised if Somers' recent questions about Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza are rubbing some people the wrong way. The actress, TV host, and health activist was on HuffPo Live yesterday and discussed how she believes gun control shouldn't be the only conversation we're having in regards to the Sandy Hook tragedy. She said, "I look at it and go, 'What is the diet of that guy who went nuts? What toxins was he exposed to? What kind of household cleaners are they using?'"

Okay, yes, at first glimpse, this seems wacky. It's definitely a more "out there" discussion than we're accustomed to having in response to a tragedy like this ... BUT that doesn't mean it's not a valid one!

Check out how Suzanne went on to explain ...

I don't know about you, but hearing her explain what the former brain surgeon told her about his experience with young people -- and his prediction about seeing an uptick in Columbine-like events -- really sent chills up my spine ...

Whenever I talk about "green"-ing up the household or cleaning up our diets, eating organic to steer clear of pesticides and antibiotics and hormones, etc., one of the points my in-laws always love to argue with me about is how they've been eating whatever or using whatever foods or products since they were kids, so what could be so wrong with it? But as Suzanne points out, we have been exposed to way more toxins than ever before in the last 20-ish years, thanks to negative changes and lack of regulation of food and household products. So I wouldn't be so fast to dismiss the idea that any of that is affecting brain health.

But let's be real. We're not going to find out there was mold in the Lanzas' home or he was suffering from gluten intolerance, and suddenly decide that's what's to blame for the horrors that occurred on December 14. This is a much bigger, extremely more nuanced puzzle, and this may be just one small piece. Still, the hypothesis that toxins could very well be compromising our mental health and stability is one completely worth exploring.

How do you feel about Suzanne Somers' ideas?


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imamo... imamombygrace

Ugh! Crazies come out in force. Sally, I pray you never lose a child and everyone tell you it's a hoax.

For Suzanne..she's a hypocrite. Why isn't she concerned for all the toxins she is putting in her body via botox, lip injections, and all the other various qork she has had done?

Samfan97 Samfan97

My thoughts? Suzanne Somers is a nut job. Next, who cares what her thoughts are on Sandy Hook?

nonmember avatar Benjamin

since when did suzan summers become a scientist...or at the elast an educated person?
what's all this nonsense shes spilling out?
go get a scientific background course before you start babbling off on chemicals

Angie... AngieHayes

Well I don't know about his diet, but I am sure he was on some medication...

nonmember avatar Allison

As a nutritional therapist, I totally agree that this IS a piece of the puzzle. I have seen it first hand in my own family how changing someone's diet can alter their mental well-being. Our bodies are not designed to eat the crap that we call food nowadays. Do the research.

KimKasl KimKasl

Suzanne is spot on.  These were my thoughts too.  The wrong nasty concoction of vaccine toxins and metals, chemicals in our "food," lack of necessary nutrients, pharmeceuticals masking problems and making things worse, etc.  She only sounds crazy because we've been taught, convinced, and 'educated' to believe that poison is healthy, clean, and good for us and that being truly healthy and real is bogus and trashy.  Kudos to Suzanne for stepping out to share information knowing most people criticise her for speaking about.  She is educated, intentional, analytical, and wise. 

Abbey Weisshaar

I have to agree that his diet may be ONE PIECE of the puzzle, and for those who think the woman's a nut job, I'm epileptic, and after years of prescription meds that wreaked havoc on my liver, kidneys, and emotional well being, I started following a diet recommended by may grandmother (who has her doctorit in nursing and was a professor of nursing at Loma Linda University for over 15 years). I have not had an "episode" in over a year, and I'm not currently taking any kind of prescription medication. What you eat has a profound effect on your body.

Ron Aigner

I am a great fan of Suzanne and saw her act in Vegas but on the issue of School shootings, her hype only adds to mudying the waters while we search for more significant causes. Google Release Mark Taylor. May Suzanne could help Mark get the truth out about the Columbine tragedy. It was about Rape and so is the Sandy hook tragedy google Columbine family request


And sometimes nut jobs are nut jobs. Another Twinkie defense. I'm sure this will help the families left behind cope. He was a mass murdering fuck head and nobody gives a God damn what he fucking ate.

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