Brave Brooke Burke Reveals Cancer Scar to Fans (VIDEO)

Brooke BurkeDancing With the Stars fans everywhere gave a huge sigh of relief this past December when host Brooke Burke announced that she is cancer-free. After a super public battle with thyroid cancer, the 41-year-old TV personality stopped by Good Morning America yesterday to talk about her experience and proudly show off something she's never shown off before: her scar.

She told GMA's Lara Spencer that "it's fresh, it's a month old, and I think scars tell a story. I think I'm so fortunate."

Fortunate she is. Burke is the perfect testament that being a survivor is something to be proud of, and no little scar can affect her real beauty. In my eyes, you're looking better than ever, Brooke.


Brooke's scar is a testament to the tough times that she's been through. Whether they're physical or emotional, all of us have scars of our own. Brooke parading hers on national television puts her in a very vulnerable position, but watching her handle herself with poise was admirable and a great testament to her inner beauty.

Something a good friend of mine always says when times get tough to me is that scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. While I'm no serious doctor of any sort and don't know if that's actually true, I like the metaphor and think it applies great here. Brooke is stronger now after going through that health scare. Sure, showing up without makeup on her very visible neck scar wasn't easy and may have taken her a while. But she did it, and that takes some serious guts.

Watch part of Brooke's interview from yesterday, here:

Do you think Brooke Burke is brave to show off her scar? Have you or someone close to you been affected by thyroid cancer?


Image via enews/YouTube

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