The Mystery of What Causes Miscarriages Might Finally Be Solved

sad womanScientists have discovered a possible cause for why women have miscarriages. Wouldn't it be amazing if no woman ever had to experience a miscarriage again?

In a study, laboratory tests showed that women who had lost three or more babies had high levels of a molecule known as IL-33 in their womb cells. These molecules control whether or not the uterus accepts an embryo.


This is an amazing discovery. Any woman who has ever suffered a miscarriage will tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than receiving the devastating news that she has miscarried. She is told there's nothing she can do about it and is never given an answer as to why this happened. It leaves her feeling robbed. The emotional pain of miscarriage is indescribable, and the physical pain is traumatic.

If this research could parlay into the production of medication or a treatment to stop miscarriages once they start or prevent them altogether, women everywhere would breathe a collective sigh of relief. It would be a huge step for obstetrics and gynecological science.

The idea that there actually might be a way to stop women from having to experience the pain that comes with losing an unborn baby is very uplifting. I never knew how common miscarriages were until I had my own. All sorts of people tried to comfort me by sharing their own stories. It broke my heart for them. And if there were a chance of protecting other women from the kind of loss we went through, well that would be a true blessing.

Wouldn't it be amazing if this research could help develop a "cure" for miscarriages or an explanation for why they happen?


Image via Pho Tones_TAKUMA/Flickr

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