Taylor Swift 'Starving Herself' After Harry Styles Breakup but Is She Really?

taylor swiftPoor Taylor Swift. Why, she's just wasting away after her breakup with Harry Styles, the poor dear. It's been less than a week and we're already shocked, shocked! At how hungry and waifish Taylor looks here in this picture. Wow, starving yourself for whole days after your millisecond-long rebound fling latest love affair ends really can take its toll.

Wait a minute. I just looked at another pre-breakup photo of Taylor Swift and I made a stunning discovery: She was already thin! Oh my gosh, I totally forgot that! So is Taylor really starving herself -- or do we just expect her to starve herself whenever she's post-breakup? Because if Taylor Swift "starved" herself every time she broke up, she would not be alive.


For the record? Knee-high socks kind of do make you look more waifish and therefore deserving of pity. Well played, Taylor. Well played.

Okay, but why do we always expect some dramatic change in eating habits whenever women end a relationship? We're either blubbering into gallon after gallon of ice cream and wearing sweatpants to hide the extra 30 pounds or we're wasting away to nothing because we're just too sad (sniff!) to eat a bite. It kind of makes a better story, don't you think? Like, your love was real only if your body is a mess after a breakup.

But does it really have to be that way? It's natural to lose your appetite -- or eat your feelings -- right after a breakup. It's a major transition. (Usually like if the relationship was older than two months.) But maybe we could use that as sort of a wake-up call. It's like your body and soul yelling, "Hey, take care of us!" 

By the way, I don't want to confuse this with real eating disorders, which are very serious.

I think if anything, post-breakup is a great time to do a health check. Literally -- set up an appointment for a checkup with your doctor. Because a breakup is kind of like New Year's, only without the party and a lot more depressing. (UNDERSTATEMENT, heh.) You get the opportunity to focus on yourself again and on what you really need. So don't worry too much about Taylor Swift starving herself. I mean, I know you weren't worried. But you know what I mean -- she's in transition. We've all been there.

How do you react to breakups -- by eating more or eating less? Or neither?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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