Mariah Carey Got Her Amazing Bikini Body by Making One Easy Change (VIDEO)

mariah careyWhen I read about Mariah Carey's ex-husband Tommy Mottola's new book about how he "made" her a star, it occurred to me just how far the mom of two songbird has come. She's definitely had her highs and really low lows (Glitter, when she went cray-cray on MTV, etc.), but the woman always seems to land on her feet. It's inspiring. And so is the 42-year-old's bangin' bod, which she showed off in a lil' red bikini recently in Australia, where she was partying with hubby Nick Cannon and performing two huge shows.

Clearly, she wasn't kiddin' around when she dropped those 70 pounds of baby weight. Though, I have to admit, she does look a liiiittle bit plastic. Wouldn't be surprised if she got a bit of help from going under the knife (which is why we should never get too inspired by celebs' hot bodies ...), but it still seems like she's putting in the work to stay slim ...


Being that she's a Jenny Craig spokeswoman, 'course Mariah credits their weight loss program with helping her pare the pregnancy pounds. But I'm hoping that their little pre-packaged meals were just a jumping off point for her to learn more about smart nutrition ... According to a quote she gave Shape magazine back in April, it sounds like she's learned that she can't slack on her diet

I used to be able to slim down just by exercising more, but that’s changed. Since having the babies, I realize that 90 percent of losing weight is my diet.

Personally, I'd beg to differ with the idea that 90 percent of losing weight can be attributed to diet for everyone. Ultimately, what all experts say -- and what is proven time after time to be the case -- is that diet and exercise work in tandem.

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But maybe it's that Mariah realized hardcore workouts weren't gonna cut it on their own anymore, and she's more conscientious about her diet than ever before. Good for her for realizing that and making changes accordingly, cuz judging from these photos, zeroing in on eating right is well worth it.

Check out this video for more on Mariah's teeny tiny red bikini look ...

What do you think of Mariah's post-baby weight loss success?


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