7 Inspiring Quotes From Celebrities Who Have Battled Breast Cancer

Jeanne Sager | Jan 15, 2013 Healthy Living

Giuliana RancicIn a nation where one in eight women are expected to be treated for invasive breast cancer in their lives, we have a nation full of women who have come out on the other side. Among them are ladies like Giuliana Rancic and Hoda Kotb who have taken advantage of their celebrity status to talk about breast cancer in a way that reminds us there is hope! Thank goodness their quotes are out there for us to lean on.


After all, there is no way to describe what it's like for women to hear the words "you have breast cancer." Suddenly there are words being thrown at them they've never truly considered before: chemotherapy, radiation, lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction. But we could always use something else. 

Something ... hopeful? Inspiring? Here's what some of the women who have fought breast cancer have had to say about it. From Betsey Johnson to Olivia Newton-John, these ladies know what it's like to be wondering, "How do I get through this?"

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Which quote is your favorite?


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