Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Deserve to Be Called Fat After Amazing Weight Loss

Kelly OsbourneI'm just gonna come right out and say it: People need to give Kelly Osbourne a break. The former Dancing With the Stars contestant has lost over 65 pounds and kept the weight off, and now ranks in between a size 0 to 4. Meanwhile, people are still calling her fat. She told Fabulous magazine about her struggles:

"I get called fat all the time. A big fat whore. Lady Gaga's fans are the worst. They've said I should kill myself ... I mean it's crazy but I've had this all my life and I just try to ignore it."

Holy WHAT?? It dumbfounds me that people have the audacity to look at this girl and A. tell her she's fat when you can SEE how eensy her waistline is, and B. say such horrible, horrible things! I can't even imagine how hard it's got to be to go through such a personal transformation in such a public way. Kelly, you have the right attitude, you just need to stay positive.


The good news? It seems like staying positive is not an issue for Kelly, thank goodness. She's clearly thankful for how much picking up a healthier routine and eating right has literally transformed her life, and by the looks of it, she's never going back. She even told Fabulous that no matter what, she makes an effort to work out each day, even if it's just for 15 minutes. It's more than clear that the rock star daughter has officially changed her habits for the better.

That's the part that she just needs to focus on. Losing weight isn't easy. When you've put in that much effort to completely reshape your life, you deserve to appreciate your hard work and enjoy it. Listening to all the critics just taints her success, and well, frankly, she's above that now. Kudos to Kelly on a job well done. Keep your chin up, and continue to be an awesome inspiration!

Do you think Kelly Osbourne looks fabulous? Can you believe people are STILL calling her fat?


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