'Real Housewife' Aviva Drescher's Bikini Body Is Awesome but Her Diet Sounds Miserable

aviva drescherI don't know about you, but Aviva Drescher is possibly, and by that I mean easily, the worst Real Housewife of New York, ever. Ugh, I don't even want to get into it. She's more annoying to watch than even the abominable Jill Zarin and the certifiable Kelly Bensimon if only because Aviva seems to know better, but does shit regardless. Anyway! We're talking about Aviva today because she recently revealed some "diet secrets" that I think we need to discuss.


The 42-year-old mother of four says:

I heat a high protein, low carb diet. I go spinning a few times a week, but it is more than just exercise, I eat well. I love green juices. I won't drink diet soda, and I avoid pesticides and food with chemicals. I won't eat hotdogs or bacon as they are filled with nitrates, and those are cancer causing agents.

Also, she's very anti-Miso soup, claiming that whenever you order it from a restaurant it comes out of a can and is filled with MSG.

With these food restrictions, it's no wonder Aviva is a thin woman. I mean, avoiding food with chemicals ... doesn't almost all food have chemicals? Not that that's right, that they should, but most do, and unless Aviva's got an orchard, a garden, a dairy farm, and a butcher in her backyard, it must be very difficult to find food untouched by the industrial revolution.

I suppose if you're going to be zealous about anything, health should be at the top of the list, so I can't knock Aviva for living what sounds like a very clean lifestyle.

I can, however, opine that her existence sounds pretty miserable. To be constantly thinking about what you can and cannot eat ... that seems tortuous to me.

Dining at restaurants is a big part of New York City life and eating is a huge component of almost all forms of socializing everywhere -- to not be able to take part in such a large chunk of society sounds sad, if not stressful. Having to worry about what's being served, what's offered, etc. sounds a lot less fun than having the steak and a beer and getting back on the health train the next day.

One thing's not up for debate, though -- Aviva sure does look fantastic in her bikini!

Do you believe in diets that restrict certain foods?


Photo via bravotv.com

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