Losing Weight Isn't Just an Option for Me This Year, It's a Must -- Join Me!

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Hand weightNew Year's resolutions never stick for me. I pledged to actually clean out the 20,000 old emails in my inbox in 2012, and well, those are all still there. This year, though, I'm jumping on the get healthy in 2013 bandwagon. Heck, you may as well call me bus captain of the wagon. It sounds cooler.

I'm tired of feeling trapped in my own body. As much as I hate everyone who says their New Year's resolution is to drop weight and get in shape, here I am ... one of them. A woman who just can't keep saying "tomorrow, tomorrow." A woman who's been pretending these extra 10 pounds are nothing. A woman who worked too damn hard to lose weight in the first place and refuses to let it come back for good.

I've got to be realistic. It isn't going to happen fast, and I refuse to give anything up completely. So how exactly is this all gonna work then? I have a plan. One that you could do too, if you're actually serious about this whole "getting healthy in 2013," thing.

Not because Jessica Simpson did it or because those commercials are so damn cute, but my plan involves Weight Watchers. Plain and simple: It helped me lose 60 pounds a few years back and I need the accountability. I need someone to make me step onto a scale in front of them and I love the affirmation of a job well done. I need a diet where I can still eat carbs and one that doesn't prevent me from going out on a dinner date. So I pulled the trigger. This morning. And, man, was the little elderly man who weighed me in absolutely adorable.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I'm not saying you need to run and buy their Monthly Pass; I am saying that, hand to god, a diet with the same kind of flexibility is exactly what you need, too.

As for as working out, well, everyone has secrets that work for them. As someone who wishes she could hit the gym every damn morning, I know that it's just not logical for me. I love running, but just running won't get me the results I'm looking for. So what's that mean? Variety. It means trying new things. It means instead of saying "I'm going to run four days/week," I'm just going to commit to doing something. Tonight, I'm heading to hot yoga. Friday I'll go for a long run along Manhattan's East River.

When you keep things interesting, in every aspect of your life, you keep motivated. I know it isn't going to be easy. I know I'll approach a bazillion speed bumps. I know I'm going to want to spend every Sunday until the Super Bowl drinking beers and watching the games with my friends. But it's about making it all work for me.

Because written words can only keep a woman so accountable, now we're at the part of this that I've been dreading. The before picture. As much as I wanted to put on a cute pair of jeans and tank for this, I knew that wasn't gonna fly. Hiding more will make me work less. So ... here I am ... in a sports bra:

Workout clothes

... guess there's no going back, now. A cheers of my third glass of water of the day to you and your healthy efforts this 2013.

Are you committing to getting fit in 2013? Or do you think all of us "resolution-ers" are ridiculous?


Image via Emily Abbate

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BeSwe... BeSweet707

I will join u:)

bills... billsfan1104

I will join you. I lost 25lbs with weight watchers. You can eat whatever you want, but within reason.

bills... billsfan1104

Emily, we can post our weekly losses and non scale victories here. Can you do that?

Doomy234 Doomy234

I am also making this resolution. 25lbs by June is my goal. I am not doing Weightwatchers, but I have my own plan. :)

PonyC... PonyChaser

Good luck to everyone. I have my own struggles, so while I might not lose weight, I'm with ALL of you in resolving to be healthier. I can certainly do without the buckets of sugar I've been ingesting lately...

nonmember avatar alex h trainer

It's not bad but I think this is misleading. Pretty much agree with what NeatBodies wrote in their weight loss book:
Losing weight is all about a sequence of biological reactions:

1. Creating the right metabolic state.
2. Spiking Muscle Insulin Sensitivity.
3. Depleting Glycogen
4. Breaking Fat
5. Burning broken fat.
The better you trigger them in order, the more fat you are going to lose.

It's a good read if you have 30 minutes to spare and are serious about results.

amiec... amiecanflie

I'm not doing weight watchers but I'm trying to lose 15lbs!! So count me in. :] also thinking of going vegetarian, but I'm the pickiest eater you'll ever meet, so let's see how that goes. 

CafeEm CafeEm

Hey ladies! I'll be posting my next update this coming Wednesday. Looking forward to us sharing out progress together!

godde... goddess99

I would love to get fit but I have zero motivation.

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