5 Simple Steps for Beating Holiday Weight Gain

Christmas CookiesI don't know anyone who didn't gain a pound or five over the Christmas holiday. Sure, we all always try to keep things in line -- but the reality of it is that Grandma's Christmas cookies only come around once a year, and man oh man, are they too delicious to eat just one.

So now that the fun has come and gone, what's a frustrated holiday indulger to do? Take the necessary steps right now to ensure you don't let the scales completely tip in the wrong direction, that's what. Trust me, it doesn't have to be hard.

Check out our 5 awesome tips on how to beat holiday weight gain.


1. Toss leftovers you don't even like: We've all been there, grandma makes this amazing peach cobbler that she just has to leave you because she knows you love it OH so much. The truth? You hate it. The even worse truth? You'll eat it if it sits in your fridge. Now that she's gone, it's OK to throw it away without hurting her feelings OR your waistline.

2. Strategize with the ones you do: Can't get enough of your Aunt's Christmas cookies? Make them a reward for the next few days. Did you find time to squeeze in that extra gym session? Reward yourself with ONE at the end of the day. It'll taste that much better.

3. Don't find an excuse to KEEP the pounds: When people holiday shop, they tend to holiday shop bigger. Just because your son got you a large sweater from the LOFT doesn't mean you have to strive to fit into it just to please him. Take him to the store, find a smaller size that you both like, and forget about the word "large."

4. Cleaning is good in more than one way: Cleaning up around the house may get rid of your headache, but it can also help you burn some calories. Yup, vacuuming, getting up and down the ladder to take down the tree, bringing the endless garbage bags to the end of the driveway, all these things take effort. Put your sneakers on and REALLY get into it.

5. Use those gift cards for good: Use those gift cards to department stores to get yourself some new workout gear. I know, that Michael Kors purse seems like a must-have, but better-looking workout clothes are the kind of clothes you want to put on and actually use. Trust me, a great workout wardrobe is the first step to getting fit.

Did you put on a few extra pounds during the holiday? How do you plan to get things back to normal?

Image via Emily Abbate

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